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Embracing Visionary Style: Malaya Optical Welcomes RYAN ADDA to Malaysia

At Malaya Optical, we’ve always prided ourselves on bringing the finest and most innovative
eyewear to Malaysia. Today, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand that perfectly
encapsulates our ethos of quality, style, and cutting-edge design: RYAN ADDA. This iconic
Melbourne-based titanium designer eyewear brand represents a harmonious blend of optometry
science and fashion-forward design. By Embracing Visionary Style: Malaya Optical Welcomes RYAN ADDA to Malaysia

The Birth of RYAN ADDA:
RYAN ADDA was born from a visionary partnership of an expert in optometry, and a specialist in
dispensing. This eyewear combined expertise gave birth to an eyewear brand that’s not just a label but a
symbol of sophistication and comfort. With a focus on innovative designs and meticulous
craftsmanship, RYAN ADDA has established itself as a leader in designer eyewear, catering to
all ages and styles.

A Journey of Innovation and Style:
Since its inception, RYAN ADDA has been at the forefront of eyewear fashion and functionality.
At the 2018 Hong Kong Optical Fair, the brand made a significant impact by presenting on eye
trends and fashion. In 2019, their influence in the fashion world was further acknowledged
through a case study by the prestigious School of Fashion and Textile at RMIT University.
A landmark partnership in 2021 with Zeiss Visu Store marked RYAN ADDA’s global digital
expansion, making their unique designs accessible worldwide. Their continuous innovation and
excellence didn’t go unnoticed, as evidenced by their numerous accolades in 2023, including
the Australian EMDG award, an invitation to the Australian Brand community, and their
prominent feature at Silmo Trends in Singapore.

Malaya Optical: A New Home for RYAN ADDA in Malaysia:
As we bring RYAN ADDA’s exquisite collection to Malaysia, we at Malaya Optical are not just
offering eyewear; we are providing a piece of art that speaks to the soul of the wearer. Each
frame from RYAN ADDA is a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending high fashion with
practical functionality. Whether you’re a young trendsetter or a seasoned progressive lens
wearer, RYAN ADDA has something that will not only meet your visual needs but also elevate
your personal style.

Join us at Malaya Optical to experience the unique blend of fashion and functionality that RYAN
ADDA offers. We are proud to bring this Australian designer brand to our shores and invite you
to be part of this visionary journey. Discover a new world of style and sophistication with RYAN
ADDA’s titanium eyewear, where every frame tells a story of innovation, quality, and
unparalleled design. Today, we are Embracing Visionary Style: Malaya Optical Welcomes RYAN ADDA to Malaysia.


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