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ZEISS Smartlife 2.0 lenses

ZEISS smartlife 2.0 lenses

ZEISS SmartLife 2.0 lenses, available at Malaya Optical, showcase cutting-edge technology designed to meet the dynamic visual needs of individuals across all age groups. The lenses are powered by ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology, which revolves around three essential components: Smart Dynamic Optics, Age Intelligence, and Clear Optics and Thin Optics. With this new technology you can now enjoy the best and upgraded vision quality and clarity.

  1. Smart Dynamic Optics: ZEISS has crafted Smart Dynamic Optics to address the contemporary visual demands of our fast-paced lives. This design optimization ensures that wearers experience optimal vision in various dynamic scenarios, catering to the diverse visual behaviors encountered in today’s world.
  2. Age Intelligence: Acknowledging that visual challenges evolve with age, Age Intelligence is a key feature of ZEISS SmartLife 2.0 lenses. By taking into account the wearer’s age, the lenses undergo specific optimizations to enhance visual comfort and performance. This tailored approach recognizes and accommodates the changing visual needs that accompany the aging process.
  3. Clear Optics and Thin Optics: ZEISS places a strong emphasis on delivering Clear Optics and Thin Optics, allowing for selective optimization at every point where the wearer looks through the lens. This meticulous optimization strategy ensures that wearers enjoy optimum vision across the entire surface of the lens. The result is a harmonious blend of ZEISS lens aesthetics, offering an unparalleled balance between excellent optics and lightweight, thin lenses.

ZEISS SmartLife is the go-to lens portfolio for many eye care professionals around the world, but this premium portfolio is being expanded to include another age group. Eye care professionals can now offer lenses adapted to the needs of teens and children as young as six years with ZEISS SmartLife Young lenses.

We are proud and glad to get our customers to experience their best vision and clarity with ZEISS vision lenses. At Malaya Optical, we are trained and experienced in recommending all type of ophthalmic lenses according to your needs. With the complete ZEISS portfolio and guidelines our customers are now able to enjoy their lifestyle without any comptonizations thru their perfect eyesight.

These lenses are not only technologically advanced but also take into consideration the aesthetics of eyewear, providing wearers with a visually appealing and comfortable solution. The ZEISS SmartLife 2.0 lenses, available in a full collection at Malaya Optical, represent a significant leap forward in vision technology, offering wearers an enhanced and tailored visual experience.


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