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Why Is Myopia Increasing

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The percentage of the human population who has myopia also referred to as “Rabun Jauh” or Shortsightedness is increasing day by day. It is expected that the percentage will continue to increase. In the future, it is expected that half of the human population will have myopia.

Why is myopia increasing? What is contributing to the increase of myopia? And why are children getting myopia at a young age? It is said that if both parents are shortsighted or myopic, there is a high chance that their children will also develop it. Other than hereditary reasons, it is assumed that it is due to the exposure towards spending more time inside rather than playing outside. Nowadays, environmental factors also increase the chances of myopia increase with the usage of digital screens such as phones, laptops, and tablets for an extended amount of time.

The increase in myopia is suggested to be linked with the lifestyle that is present now. Spending a majority of our time indoors, exhausting our eyes by continuously reading something, looking at a digital screen and not taking breaks to focus our eyes on something else to relax them.

The majority of the human population doesn’t see myopia as a serious matter and take it very lightly which worsens the situation. There are no serious steps to educate people of the potential harm that myopia carries.

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