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Ortho-K Side Effects

Dry Eye and Contact Lenses

With all that is positive about Ortho-K and their high percentage rates of slowing down the rate of increase Myopia (Nearsightedness), there are side effects that you have to look out for.

  1. There are possibilities of eye infection if not handled appropriately. Usually due to patience negligence or hygiene. If your child is wearing Ortho-K, we strongly encourage parents to supervise every single time, the child is wearing, cleaning and storing these Ortho-K lenses.
  2. Vision distortion as you are wearing it while you sleep, there may be changes in the lens moving around. Well, that usually occurs when these lenses are not fitted properly.
  3. Corneal edema or cornea swelling may occur due to an infection or you may over-wear the contact lens. Yes, our corneal do swells up at times, always come back for your follow up appointments.
  4. Staining of the cornea or the eye may occur due to some damages that may happen. Always check for lens chip or crack, it may be the cause.
  5. Ocular abrasion is a scratch on your eye that may occur. If you rub your eyes while wearing the Ortho-K lenses.
  6. If you want to wear regular contacts, you would have to wait for your myopia to return to its original state. This usually, takes about 2months.

With all that being said, this would lead to pain, redness, tearing, irritation and discharge. But, all of these side effects are reversible if the lens are removed. These side effects can be prevented if you follow the instructions and the guides that your optometrist at Malaya Optical.

All things in life have their pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide. If you need more explanation or is just generally interested in Ortho-K. You can drop by MALAYA OPTICAL for further information by our qualified Optometrist or contact us through our social media, Whatsapp and even give us a call at 03-7728 0228 or +60126221101.


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