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acuvue define fresh series


The all-new ACUVUE DEFINE Fresh Series is now available. It's hand-drawn and crafted for the excellent comfort and beauty you deserve, plus it's made with Lacreon® technology to deliver up to 20 hours of cushion moisture! https://youtu.be/4w3ZMUcJMuQ FEATURES OF ACUVUE DEFINE FRESH SERIES https://youtu.be/U538YWuTQjE Translucent layers emphasise your inherent eye beauty rather than hide it. Daily disposable contact lenses with one of the highest levels of UV protection available. https://youtu.be/Xhl7ivTNi-8 Lacreon® technology embeds a water-holding component permanently, delivering up to a 20-hour cushion of moisture for superior comfort. Pigments are carefully encased between two layers of lens material with "beauty wrapped in comfort" technology, preventing direct contact with your eyes. PARAMETERS AND CHOICE OF COLOUR ACUVUE DEFINE FRESH SERIES Comes in 4 colours which are fresh green, honey, grayzel and…

Avizor Eyesoft Daily Contact Lens

Avizor Eyesoft Daily Contact Lens Daily disposable for that fresh clean lens comfortable feeling every day & hassle free cleaning routine convenience. Avizor is a worldwide leader in the production of items for the cleaning and maintenance of a wide range of contact lens alongside artificial eye drops. Launched in 1981 as a privately-run company by drug specialist S. Nestares with its base camp and creation focus in Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain, the organisation began with the creation of Spanish private label products but soon launched its own Avizor brand. For almost forty years that followed the company has grown in leaps and bounds and currently stands in a frontline position beating practically all its rivals to arise as a worldwide force in the contact lenses eye care industry.…

What does water content of a contact lens mean?

Water content is one of the most important parameters when choosing quality contact lens. Water content also is an important factor of the various plastics which are used to make soft contact lenses. In the cases of conventional soft contact lenses, higher water content of a contact lenses can let more oxygen pass through the lens to the surface of the eye. So this is important for lens comfort and healthy eyes. (more…)

Dry Eye and Contact Lenses

Dry Eye with Contact lens

Normal vision requires a moist healthy ocular surface. This was affected by several factors which include sufficient quality of tears, a normal composition of the tear film, normal lid closure, and regular blinking. (more…)