How many of you seen Fit over Sunglasses? Do you know what is the use of Fit Overs? Jonathan Paul is a famous brand which originated from Australia over 25 years ago. This brand do carry a sun glass which meant to be fit on top of your frames and that is what we called as Fit Over Sunglasses.

Fit overs are basically designed to fit on top of your prescription eye wear in more styled way. There are many varieties available in Jonathan Paul fit overs. There are different style of fit overs which offers a comfortable fitting and available to use from large to small size eyewear.

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Sunglasses are basically used as a protection for our eyes which particularly designed to prevent from bright sunlight and other intensive lights which causes damages or irritation to the eyes. The functional use of fit over sunglasses are based on the lens colours, darkness of the tints, colour tone, anti-glaring (polarized). It is solely depends on the individual who prefers to use sunglasses based on their requirements or activities.

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Fit over helps to prevent our eyes from common eye disorder symptoms as the sunglass provides a wrap around protections from harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun. It also has a polarization effect to keep our view more soothing as it enhance the colour much better.

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Using this kind of protective sunglass or fit overs, it helps to slow down the acceleration of certain eye diseases such as cataract, ARMD (Age Related Macula Degeneration) and other UV related eye problems such as pterygium, pinguecula and photokeratitis. Do visit us at Malaya Optical to get more information.

Eyevan Glasses Japan Handmade

In 1972, under the idea of “eyewear for dressing as a style accessory”, Eyevan Japan was conceived as Japan’s first design glasses brand. Configuration born from the style and quietness of Japanese culture, accuracy craftsmanship commended overall lies at the heart, items concentrating on the enjoyment of wearing glasses as a design accessory and out to the world in 1985, under one of the stylish eye wear store in Los Angeles.

Handmade Eyewear

This lovely Eyevan glasses made uniquely by the hands of gifted skilled worker and it made numerous enormous fans everywhere throughout the world. You will discover exceptionally gifted craftsmanship by taking a look at Eyevan items themselves where there is hand written drawings. You may likewise observe the innovative and solid energy of the design team who works behind the eye wear.

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Popularity Of Eyevan Eyewear

EYEVAN’s most up to date assortment comes back to its legacy, drawing from memorable hand-outlined structures made somewhere in the range of 1972 and 1985. The brand continued to make heat waves leading up to worldwide extesnion in 1985, where the frames found approval from big names like Madonna, and Diana, Princess of Wales.

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For more details regarding Eyevan eyewear, please drop by Malaya Optical as we carried a full range of the collections.

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Suitable frame shapes for different face features

How do I choose eyewear?

The most difficult task that you may face once enter any optical shop is to select an eyewear which suits to your personality preferences. There are many attractive frames displayed in optical shops, but not all may satisfies you with great deals.

Frames are mostly selected based on our understanding about face shape, fitting and comfort. Mostly, the mass production in eyewear industry is based on the average fitting sizes such as Asian Fitting

Basically, there are few steps that you are required to follow when choosing your eye glasses. First, instead of identifying your face shape whether it is sharp, angular or round shape, you can just define your style. A good rule of thumb while choosing frames that matches you, it to find opposite shape frames then your facial features

Frame and Face shape 2
Frame and Face shape 2

Second is to get a good proportions which has a great fitting. The key to finding the perfect frame is more about where your features are set on your face than the shape of your face overall. If the end of frame extends more out of your cheek bones, that means the frame is larger than your face. Same goes to a smaller size frames, when the end edge of the frame is more inward compared to your cheek bone, it means the frame shows smaller fitting.

First and foremost, our optometrist at Malaya Optical do consider your prescription because some material and shapes of frame will be better depending on the prescription as well. Other than that, the centration of eye point to the frame, face width, and habitual looking position will be taken into care to optimize the visual functions.

To have more information, please feel free to consult with our best optometrists in KL.

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