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Myopia management

Are MiyoSmart Lenses Best for Myopic Children?

Does your child often come back from school complaining that they cannot see the blackboard clearly? Shortsightedness in children is more common than you think. Medically known as myopia, shortsightedness affects 27 per cent of the global population. The onset of myopia symptoms in school-going children starts from age six approximately. But what exactly is the cause of myopia? And in case your child is showing symptoms, how can you control it? Myopia in children The causes of myopia in children can be partly genetic. If a child has myopic parents, it is more likely that they will develop the condition as well. The medical reason behind myopia is the abnormal shape of the eyeballs. In children with myopia, the eyeballs are elongated in shape. Hence, the image-forming part of…