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Dry Eyes At Night

Red and Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be irritating, uncomfortable and at times, borderline painful. But throughout the day, your dry eyes are annoying but not painful and yet, at night, the true colors of having dry eyes emerge.

What is it about the night that brings true horror to those who have dry eyes? For starters, our eyes are generally dried up at the end of the day because we are using them all day long.

The other reason would be because of our body metabolism. As bedtime nears, our body temperature drops, metabolism rates drop and so thus everything else slows down thus less nutrients are getting into our tears to help lubricate the eyes better.

To prevent your dry eyes from worsening during the night, you need to address the problem of having dry eyes in the day time. Dry eyes can be caused by a variety of reasons such as not producing enough tears, eye inflammation, and so on.

If you are tired of having dry eyes or maybe want to help a friend or loved ones, book an appointment with us or call us for any questions you may have.


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