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5 Best Treatments For Dry Eye

Dry eye treatment

Understanding your eye condition is the most essential thing to do before getting your eyes treated. At Malaya Optical we as an professional eye care practitioners will always make sure to provide you the best and effective solutions.

The comprehensive dry eye assessments will help us to understand your dry eye condition completely and it will make us easy to provide you the best dry eye treatments.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

All your findings will be gathered and compiled in a digital record in our system so that it would be easier for us to follow up and monitor in your next visit. In further extended problems, we also could able to diagnose the new readings and show you the changes that happened in your eyes after the respective treatments.

History Taking Form

First of all, the causes of dry eyes and its severity will be encountered to provide a suitable treatments. Different diseases or causes of dry eye have different level of treatments. From the beginning of the assessments, we will start to create a Dry Eye Treatment and Management Plans for you.

One of the most common treatment for dry eye cases is by using artificial tear drop. There are two types of artificial tear drops. One is preservative-based eye drops which stay on the shelf for a long time but mat causes stinging effect as they contain preservative agent to get rid of bacteria’s. Nonpreservative eye drops come in several disposable vials that you use once and throw away and also does not cause any burning sensations.

During slit lamp examinations, if there is any eye lashes that flip inward of your eyes will be removed. Eye lashed that grow in inward direction towards your eyes may cause irritation to your eye surfaces. Irregular growth and position of eye lashes also may caused to dry eyes too. Blockage of meibomian gland required to be clean and clear. Sometimes, our eyes may have this blockage which contains inflammation, oil, accumulated tears and so on. Due to this, you may feel discomfort during the day.

One of the easiest way to clear this is by doing warm compression. If your eyelid was found with yellowish lump due to meibomian gland blockage, do remove it first before doing a compression. First, wash your face with with clean water. Then use a diluted baby shampoo and rub your eye lashes and surfaces with cotton buds. Rinse your eyes with clean water again. Next use a clean towel, soak with warm water, squeeze it and start to do a warm compression by gently pressing the towel on your eye surfaces.

In some cases, the solution may be simple but for certain people there would be a long-term follow ups and action plans. In any cases, our goal as an optometrist is always to provide you with the best optimal care and make you relief from your dry eye problems or symptoms. Do drop by to visit the best optometrist in town now to get your dry eye assessment and treatment.


1.How do you permanently treat dry?

The easiest way that we can do to treat our dry eye problem to blink frequently. Blinking your eyes can help tears to moisturise all over the eye surfaces. Eyelid should be cleaned everyday using sterile cotton bud with diluted shampoo and also remove make up before going to bed.

2.How to self-treat dry eye at home?

Allow your eyes to rest whenever you feel tired, wash your eyelids and lashes with clean water if its too oily, stop smoking, drink more water and get some vitamins and supplements.

3. What is the latest treatment for dry eyes?

Xiidra (lifitegrast ophthalmic solution) was approved by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating dry eye signs and symptoms.

4. Does drinking more water help to reduce dryness in our eyes?

Due to a symptoms of dehydration, drinking plenty water do re hydrate our whole body. Yet, eye drops still the best help to alleviate the symptoms by lubricating the eye and washing away foreign bodies.5. What does dry eye look like?


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