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Contact Lens Care

contact lens proper care

1. What should I do in order to prevent potential eye problems on wearing CLs?

*Follow the advice of your eye care practitioner.

It is important to follow the wearing schedule of the contact lenses. For example, people tend to wear too many hours a day, wearing a 1 month lens for 2 months, wearing a daily lens for 2 to 3 days.

*Washing the hands before inserting the lens.

*Use only solutions, either for cleaning, storing, rinsing or eye lubrication, which recommended by your practitioner. Not to use other solutions. Some people even use their saliva to clean the lens.

*Not to share contact lenses or contact lens casing with others.

*Not to sleep with the lenses on. (Subject to different type of contact lenses)

*Attend every after-care check-up as recommended by your practitioner. Regular follow-up visits to check your eye health is essential to problem free long term contact lens wear.

2. What happen if a person failed to follow the instruction given as above?

The most common problem experienced by a person who wore his/her daily or monthly contact lenses longer than he/she should is dry eyes.

If the dry eye is severe, the eye will be red, uncomfortable and the vision will be affected.

If there are small breaks on the cornea surface due to the dry eyes, bacteria can get into these small breaks and cause the cornea to get infected.

Another common problem is corneal neovascularization. This is a condition at which there is excessive ingrowth of blood vessels from the limbal area into the cornea as a result of not enough oxygen supply to our eye. One of the most common causes is extended wear of contact lens. This condition could threaten one’s eyesight in the elevated stages. Consult your eye care practitioner and have your eye check-up regularly in order to help your eyes stay healthy.

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