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Ray Ban Wayfarer Malaya Optical Malaysia

Ray-Ban Spectacles

Ray-Ban spectacles is one of the world most famous and best-selling brand. Ray-Ban makes trendy and unique eyewear collection. These eyeglasses are designed in detail (more…)

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7.7 SALE

Is that time of the year again where the 7.7 sale is right around the corner and every business is having some sort of sale. We here at MALAYA OPTICAL will also be having a sale on 7.7 with up to 70% OFF our selected BRANDED glasses and sunglasses! Brands such as Ray Ban, Oakley and many more. Oakley Malaysia The sale will be held this Sunday at both MALAYA OPTICAL branch in Damansara Utama and Subang Jaya. The sale will only be valid for ONE day and ONE day only! What are you waiting for? Come by our store to experience the sale! Want to know more? Contact us herehttps://www.malayaoptical.com/contact-us/ and if you are already keen on buying, book an appointment with our experienced optometrist here https://www.malayaoptical.com/#book-optometrist .


Macam mana nak tahu Ray-Ban yang fake

Hai korang semua. Hari ini kita akan belajar sesuatu yang baru. Apa dia tu? Macam mana nak tahu Ray-Ban yang fake. Ray-Ban yang fake atau maksudnya palsu selalu je kita jumpa. Kebanyakkan yang fake pula macam susah nak bezakan sebab different nya memang tak banyak. So, ni ada beberapa tips macam mana nak detect Ray-Ban yang fake. (more…)