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How to differentiate a fake Ray Ban

How to differentiate a fake Ray Ban

Hi everyone. Today we will learn something new. What is that? How do you know a fake Ray-Ban. Fake Ray-Ban or

false production Ray Ban has been always found in the market. Most of the fakes seem to be difficult to differentiate because there are not many differences. So, here are some tips on how to detect a fake Ray-Ban.

First, look for flaws in the sunglasses. If there are scratches or uneven surfaces, it means that the Ray-Ban is fake. Often, Ray-Ban mirrors will be cut from a piece of acetate and polished by hand. Second, you try to feel the weight of the sunglasses. You try to hold the sunglass, move it around in and out by lifting and tossing those sunglasses. Each Ray-Ban sunglasses has its own weight where you can feel the weight of the original Ray-Ban is stronger and more compact. This gives you a more stable and comfortable wear in daily use.


Ok next, if you want to know if Ray-Ban is fake, look at the “Ray-Ban” engravings near the corner of the glasses or at the inner part of the temple legs. The engravings should be sharp, shiny and carefully made. Smudge kind off printings are not a good and genuine sunglasses. This is because each engravings is counted as a signature for each Ray-Ban sunglasses. One more thing, you also need to check another signature which is the exact word printing of “Ray-Ban” which is printed on the ‘sleeve’ of sunglasses or called temple arm. The printing should be clean, neat, and professionally made and located at the exact fitting measurement. Offently the genuine Ray Ban engraving is not easy to go off over the time except for excessive sweat, usage of chemical solutions such as detergent, shampoo and also the surrounding environment factors like temperature or salty wind and water.

The fake Ray-Ban can also be seen from the sticker of the sunglasses which usually placed at the front part of the lenses. The original sticker is  high of quality and look presentable, with black and gold, instead of yellow colour. You can detect a fake sticker when the sticker has problems such as missing text or incorrect spelling, the Ray-Ban logo is not centered and does not follow the proper shape, and lastly the sticker is glued by a regular sticker. Also we may notice that once the sticker is removed, the sticky glue stain will always remain on the lenses or the frame. This is also is another sign for you to know that the product is old or not the good quality one. Sometimes, it may be removable as well. Usually the sticker will be attached using static and not using the usual sticker. This makes the sticker to stick on the lenses forever in  a center and stable location makes the consumer to know the Ran Ban sunglass features easily. There are also some Ray-Ban original sunglasses that do not have a sticker. If there is no sticker, you can check the Ray-Ban based on the signature or other features.

Lastly, if you want to know if your Ray-Ban is original or not, make sure you get your Ray-Ban from licensed retailers. Make sure you only buy Ray-Ban that is high quality, good and recognized by Ray-Ban corporation.

Guideline to find out a certified Reseller near you


Certified Reseller Guideline


Examples of stickers that should be on the front of every accredited Reseller store

One of the places for you to get the original Ray-Ban is at Malaya Optical. Malaya Optical is a retailer licensed and recognized by Ray-Ban corporation. Don’t forget, come to any Malaya Optical branch and only get the original Ray-Ban collection.