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Eye Infection – Prevention during COVID-19

Use spectacles during COVID-19

During the pandemic coronavirus outbreak, eye infection- prevention during COVID-19 is very important. Thus, it is best to give some attention to latest updates about the ‘Do’ and ‘Don’t health advice’s from the experts. For those who uses glasses, you should be aware that using spectacles during COVID-19 may less prone to be infected, ‘IF’ you strictly follow certain recommendations based from the front-liners.

Using spectacles during COVID-19
Source : How to use disinfectants to clean eyeglasses in the pandemic of coronavirus, Halinah Tseng, March 14

That’s because using spectacles may stop you from touching your eyes frequently compared to contact lenses. One of the most important steps that we should do is to wash our hands thoroughly to avoid harmful transmission of germs. In our routine basis activities, we might start touching things that could stained with germs and some of us may forgotten to wash our hands. Remember if we are spectacle user, it will always remain on our face even though we wear masks on.

Human hands with germs
Human hand with germs

What could happen next is, we might touch our face, put fingers in our nose rub our eyes with those hands. We should remember that eye infection- prevention during COVID-19 Pandamic is mainly focused on hands where it is the main pathway for germs transmission. For an example, try not to lift up your spectacles and rub your eyes if you felt your hands are not clean. When our eyes get tired after a long hours reading or televised, most of us would try to rub our eyes or wipe our face using hands which sometimes not as clean as you think.

Do not rub your eyes
Do not rub your eyes

Besides, using spectacles during COVID-19 may be a little bit protective from the floating virus particles in the air although it may more likely to infected through mouth and nose faster. However it also prevents water droplets to enter in our eyes. Add on, not to forget to maintain your hygienic with any material or things that you could probably use around your face everyday as it could reduce the risk of infections as well.

We may avoid ourselves from being one of the victim if we manage to follow certain protocols which has been recommended by WHO and eye care practitioners. Since there are some useful steps and precautions can be taken protect ourselves, we should frequently follow it to reduce health risks. For more information, please find your best optometrist in KL.


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