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Dailies AquaComfort Plus

Do Dailies AquaComfort Plus have UV-protection?

Do Dailies AquaComfort Plus have UV-protection?

Dailies AquaComfort Plus are a good choice of contact lenses for a wide-range of people, depending on their eye prescription. Have you experienced increased dryness throughout the day while wearing your contact lens? And are you looking for a suitable daily lens option for new or old wearers? If so, we advise you to try Alcon’s Dailies AquaComfort Plus contact lenses!

Do Dailies AquaComfort Plus have UV-Protection

The Dailies AquaComfort Plus have some innovative technologies that enhance the comfort of the wearer and the clarity of vision for the wearer. This includes:

  • Blink-activated moisture technology – check your own eye hydration system and release moisture on both sides of the contact lens every time you blink to keep your eyes fresh while wearing. 
  • Lightstream lens technology – it allows the edge of the lens to be very thin, making it easy to insert and remove while making it more comfortable to wear. 

Dailies AquaComfort Plus are also available in Toric lens (Astigmatism) for those with astigmatism. But, unfortunately Dailies AquaComfort Plus do not offer UV-protection through your eyes and are not made from silicone hydrogel material. However, Dailies AquaComfort Plus is a more affordable daily contact lens and it’s soaked in a wetting agent to provide immediate comfort after initial insertion.

Honestly, this is clearly an affordable daily lens option for new users or those who want to switch from their monthly contacts to daily. This technology resists the accumulation of unwanted proteins that can occur on the surface of the lens. Although, the high water content built into the Dailies AquaComfort Plus allows for long wear with great comfort and clear vision. These lenses are specially designed to keep your eyes from dryness and it’s a perfect lens for wearers who work in an air-conditioned or heated environment as it is always humid throughout the day. 

Daily lenses are great for anyone who leads an active lifestyle because they are easy to take care of without cleaning or disinfection. For a daily disposable lens, just remove each lens after use, and install a new pair every morning. Let’s make an appointment with Malaya Optical Optometrists and we’ll help you regarding your eyes problem.

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most comfortable contact lens

Most Comfortable Monthly Contact Lens

The Four Most Comfortable Monthly Contact Lens

Nowadays, there are so many options for most comfortable monthly contact lens available, it is difficult to know which are the best monthly contact lenses for you. While it’s essential to get a consultation from optometrists, it may be necessary to try a few different lenses to find out which monthly contact lenses are suitable with your eyes. 

Wearing uncomfortable contact lenses can leave you frustrated and depressed. If you feel uncomfortable while wearing contact lenses, feel free to raise a problem with our Malaya Optical Optometrists to make sure your problem is resolved. 

Here is a quick list of our best monthly contact lenses, we have chosen to embrace the opportunity to provide our patients with the best contact lenses in the market;

Four most comfortable contact lenses
  1. Bausch and Lomb Ultra; the Ultra is the new addition to the long-established daily wear in the market. The research and development has invested in the new contact lens material, we still feel it is time for this quality lens to reach our examination room. So far, they have managed to acquire this lens, and have to manage to make some of their patients wear contact lenses daily due to their performance. These brands are also best for dry eye patients.
  2. Acuvue Oasys; a two-week replacement contact lenses, Acuvue Oasys has long existed and they have been contact lenses for over 20 years. For other reasons, Johnson & Johnson also has the largest share in the contact lens market in the United States. A great aspect about these lenses is their UV-protection, blocking 96% UV-A and 99% UV-B radiation. These lenses also are available in Astigmatism and Multifocal with two-chosen base curves; 8.8 mm and 8.4 mm.
  3. CooperVision Biofinity; using Aquaform Comfort Science technology, Biofinity is made from premium silicone hydrogel and the best monthly replacement lens that performs well for dry eyes. They have successfully acquired this lens in our training to keep your eyes healthy and moist all day long. Similar to Acuvue Oasys, Biofinity also has contact lenses for Astigmatism and Multifocal option.
  4. Alcon Air Optix Night & Day; this lens has been designed to be continuous use contact lens for 30 days. But we didn’t prefer to use 30 days continuous wear, this monthly lens remains nice even if you didn’t sleep with the contacts. Air Optix Night & Day Aqua have one of the highest oxygen permeability on the market, which leads to better overall eye health. These lenses are also slightly smaller than other monthly contact lenses which can increase comfort.

All of these lenses can be the right choice for patients who suffer from dry eyes caused by contact lenses and who have difficulties to wear their contact lens for a full 12-14 hours per day. If you have tried these lenses but still have problems like uncomfortable or blurred vision, we suggest you wear a daily disposable lens everyday.

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do contacts have UV protection?

Do Bausch and Lomb contacts have UV protection?

Do your Bausch & Lomb contacts have UV protection?

UV light stands for Ultraviolet lights. With the danger of harmful UV rays hidden throughout the year, UV protection is becoming more of a concern than ever before. Although ultraviolet rays can damage our skin, these rays can also have a negative effect on the eyes. However, UV light has a shorter wavelength of visible lights.

There are three types of UV radiation which is UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. For UV-C, rays can be absorbed by the ozone layer which indicates they are harmless. On the other hand, UV-A and UV-B rays can cause permanent damage to the eyes and also can damage your vision. Besides, exposure to UV light with moderation and proper care actually can improve health, which is when we are exposed to the UV rays, Vitamin D is developed and helps us in fighting diseases such as depression. It means that UV light is essential to overcome Vitamin C deficiency and to maintain good health.

However, with a long duration of exposure through UV light can damage our skin. These UV rays also can burn your eye in similar ways. The best ways to protect your eyes from UV rays is to wear sunglasses. Obviously, UV blocking in contact lenses do offer protection but the coverage is limited, by wearing sunglasses much protected in the greater area of sensitive skin around the eyes. 

Bausch & Lomb are a trustable brand that have quality to their name. But, do Bausch & Lomb contacts have UV protection? Hence, here we go; their leading UV block lenses are Biotrue One Day lenses, it not only offers UV protection, but also maintains 98% of moisture for 16 hours. Thus, disposable and breathable, these brand contacts are meant to keep your eyes comfortable and protected by UV rays. Fortunately, currently many contact lenses manufacturers include UV filters in their model. No matter what type of lenses you use, dailies or monthly lenses, toric or multifocal lenses, you will find the UV protection on the contact lenses. But, the availability of UV-blocking technology varies between manufacturers and models.

For more information regarding the lenses, you may visit our page Malaya Optical and book your appointment with Malaya Optical Optometrists.

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Does UV protection matter when choosing a sunglass?


Choosing a good UV protection sunglass is crucial. We always talk about how sunlight can damage our skin. Long exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to sunburn and cancer is no longer a secret. But did you know too much UV rays can harm your eyes too? 

Extended exposure or direct exposure to sun’s UV rays may contribute to damaging the cells in and out of our eyes. Eye diseases like cataract, macular degeneration (ARMD) or pterygium and wrinkles and age spots surrounding your eyes are highly related to long exposure of UV rays. 

What is UV ray?

Many people actually refer UV rays to “UV light”. This is actually not correct as we couldn’t see UV rays. UV rays are invisible as they do not fall within the range of visible light. There are three categories of UV rays, including: 

  1. UVA

UVA rays have lowest energy among three categories of UV rays, which means it is closer to visible light. UVA rays can actually penetrate through our cornea and lens and eventually reach the retina at the back of our eyes! This is why long exposure of UVA ray has been related to the development of cataract and macular degeneration (ARMD)

  1. UVB

UVB rays have higher energy than UVA rays but lower than UVC rays. UVB rays are partially filtered by the ozone layer, the residue of UVB rays can reach the Earth’s surface. Extended exposure of UVB rays is associated with ocular diseases such as pterygium and photokeratitis. Fortunately, the cornea of our eye will absorb 100 percent of UVB rays, hence UVB rays are unlikely to lead to cataract and ARMD. 

  1. UVC

UVC rays are the highest energy uv rays and could be most harmful to our eyes and skin. Fortunately, the atmosphere’s ozone layer is able to block the UVC rays from the sunlight virtually. However, the depletion of the ozone layer potentially could allow UVC rays to reach the Earth’s surface. This will result in serious UV-related health problems. 

How to prevent UV rays?

Now we have understood how damaging the sun’s UV rays are to our eyes. In order to prevent our eyes from overexposure to UV rays, the ideal way is to wear sunglasses, especially when we are outdoors. Just like the name, sunglasses are designed to block UV rays and protect us from various eye diseases and eventually keep us away from eye wrinkles. 

How to choose sunglasses?

There are so many types of sunglasses in the market and they are not just available in optical shops but every corner shop, drug stores or even pasar malam! So, how should we choose and where to wear the sunglasses? Let’s follow the tips below.

  1. Look for sunglasses that actually block UV rays

There are sunglasses in the market that actually serve as fashion accessories and get nothing help in UV protection. Therefore, you shall look for sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays effectively. UVA and UVB rays have wavelength fall between 290 and 400nm. Alternatively, you may look for sunglasses with protection from  UV400.

UV protection
  1. Is the darker lens the better it is? 

NO! The amount of UV protection a sunglasses offers is totally unrelated to the colour nor the darkness of the lenses. It is entirely your preference.

For example, a fashionable sapphire-coloured lens can provide the same UV protection as dark gray lenses. 

You may ask our optometrists in Malaya Optical to verify how many percent of UV protection your sunglasses actually offer! 

  1. Perfect fit or wrap-around style

Choose sunglasses that fit you perfectly in terms of coverage. The bigger, more wrap, more coverage, the better it is to protect you from UV rays. Alternatively, you may opt for wrap-around sunglasses such as Jonathan Paul Sunglasses, so you are safe from indirect UV rays from the side, as well as direct UV rays from the front! 

  1. Can I have sunglasses with power?

Yes, you could! In Malaya Optical, we do carry several well-known brands that offer prescription sunglasses lenses such as Zeiss, Essilor Hoya and Kodak. You may now enjoy the sunlight without squinting to read or see in the distance. Also, time to bid farewell to the combination of contact lenses with sunglasses. 

  1. Even if your contact lenses block UV rays, sunglasses are still a need.

Yes yes, we know there are contact lenses that indicate UV-blocking. Think again, your contact lens is located on your cornea and it is able to block only the part in front of your cornea. How about your eyelids and other tissues that are not covered by the contact lens? Your skin around your eyes are so delicate and they need equivalent protection as your eyes from the harmful UV rays too.

  1. Do not take off your sunglasses when you are in the shade

Even though shade under trees or buildings reduce the exposure of UV and HEV (high-energy visible light) to a certain degree, your eyes are actually still exposed to UV rays reflected from buildings and roadways. So, remember to wear sunglasses even when you are in the shade. 

UV protection sunglass
  1. Winter? Wear it!

Sunglasses are equally important with your snow jacket. This is because fresh snow actually does reflect up to 80 percent of UV rays which is almost double up the overall exposure to solar UV rays! If you enjoy winter games such as skiing or snowboarding, you may choose the right lenses which have sufficient UV protection on the slopes. Nonetheless, UV protection sunglass with polarised lens is highly recommended too as glare are highly reduced .

Similarly, if you enjoy your outdoor lifestyle in a country that has no winter season, you may explore the specific-performance sunglasses or sport sunglasses.

UV protection kids sunglass
  1. Children? Wear it too!

The damage of UV rays to our eyes and skin is cumulative. This means the longer the time you have spent under sunlight throughout your life, the greater the risk of damage to your eyes and skin. 

With this in mind, you need to take care of UV protection since you are young. In fact, experts point that children are generally spending more time outdoors than most adults. Besides, children are more sensitive to UV rays as the lens inside a child’s eye is clearer than an adult’s lens. Hence UV rays can penetrate into a child’s eyes easier and deeper. 

Malaya Optical carries a number of UV protection kids sunglass that suits for infants to school children. Get your beloved kid a pair of sunglasses today. We always care about your kids’ eyes as much as we care about your eyes and vision. 

Schedule your appointment today with our optometrists in Malaya Optical for comprehensive eye examination. A small amount of power change can make a big difference in giving you the clearest and most comfortable vision outdoors. Most of us enjoy sunny days, but we still need to make sure we are fully protected from UV rays with the suitable UV protection sunglass too.