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Best Place to get Amazing Eyewear in Malaysia

Best Place to get Amazing Eyewear in Malaysia

In our everyday busy life, we may encounter hundreds of optical outlets that may attract us to make a new pair of spectacles or even to simply to get our eyes tested. But many of us are still confused of knowing how to differentiate about the importance of choosing the right optical store and get your eyes tested with the best qualified optometrist. Don’t you feel satisfied when you know you have chosen the right place to get your best eyewear and your eyes is perfectly tested by the nest optometrist in town. Wow! How AMAZING is this. So now, lets see where is the best place to get an amazing eyewear in Malaysia.

Before getting know about the location, we have to do some research about this place that you found in any social media resources. Get to know what is so special about this place and find out what are the cool and amazing things that you can encounter here compared to other places. The best optical shop or professional optometrist (eye care practitioner) is normally based on the service provided, experience and of course not to forget about the product knowledge that is being recommend for consumers to use. Malaya Optical was one of the first optical store opened in 1950’s and we are well established before the Independence Day. In fact in the year of 1950’s we have optometrist who graduated from overseas such as from United Kingdom, Australia and started to practice in Malaysia with high knowledge in optometry field. From there on till today, we have never stop ourselves to explore more about the latest update related to vision, lenses , spectacles and many more.

Our optometrist travelled worldwide to explore various kind of exhibition and conferences to find out more about latest eyewear collections for our consumers. One of our main point is to provide few choices to our spectacle wearers in wise of size, shape , design, brand and colour of the frame. We do carry multiple range of full frame, half frame, rimless, metal nylon, handmade frame, polycarbonate frame and many more. Our optometrist are not only good at check eyes and diagnosing eye diseases, they are also professional at choosing the best designer eyewear that suits your profession, and daily use. Recommending the best eyewear doe not only involve in wise of the cosmetic look, we do also consider your comfort level with the frame, weather it can match your prescription well and also the durability according to your daily usage.

At Malaya Optical, we do always pay an extra attention to each and every small aspects that can make our consumer satisfied with what they are using. Despite, we do also provide a FREE after services options, such as repair, adjusting the frame, clean, re-align and checking the frame condition accordingly. This is one of the reason of why our consumers feel satisfied with our services and refer many of their friends and family members to us.

Our range of specializations allow us to help our patients in numerous ways, most commonly for children myopia control, digital eye strain, progressive lens fitting, ortho k therapy, anti-virus lens technology, best contact lens fitting, optometrist binocular eye examination and vision screening. Malaya Optical optometrists are also trained to accrue eyewear based on patient face shape, personality and work environment, ensuring the coexistence of fashion and practicality.

At Malaya Optical, we do carry designer eyewear brands from all around the world and some of the notable brands are MOSCOT, GUCCI, TOM FORD, LINDBERG, ALAXENDRA MCQUEEN, PRADA, RAY BAN, EMPORIO ARMANI, GUESS, DUNHILL, YELLOW PLUS, SAINT LAURENT, BURBERRY, RYAN ADDA and many more. Do contact us to find the best place to get amazing eyewear in Malaysia.


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