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ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses

Zeiss BlueGuard Lenses

We are so subject to innovation that it’s become an indispensable piece of our lives. Without using smart devices, we may not full-filled our days in this current era. But, do we aware what are the consequences of using it everyday in prolonged hours.

This harmful radiation coming from the digital screens will start to develop some risk to your eye health such as increase in power, eye fatigue, dry eyes and so on. So, here comes for you ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses to provide you a good protection from harmful blue lights as well as reduce the reflection on the lenses too.

Blue filter lenses has been launched way before, but many of us do not prefer to use it due to its reflective coating. Attempting to envision what life would resemble without innovation is for all intents and purposes inconceivable. When things being easy to us, there is no way we can be away from its own pro and cons. Same goes here, by facing digital devices everyday, we may have to face to harmful blue lights which will penetrate into our eyes if there is no protections. All of us may already use or heard about blue filter lenses, but we may not feel good with the reflective coatings produced by the lens itself.

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Types of harmful lights enter in our eyes

Moving forward, ZEISS blue guard lenses serves the purpose to protect our eyes from blue lights and ultraviolet light, reduce digital eye strain as well as lesser the blue-purple reflections. During the acceleration of COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of digital devices (for online classes and virtual meetings) has increased drastically. From there on, people are more concern on the possible impacts that blue light can give as they starts to experience the real symptoms of it. The new ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses has recognise the blue light blocking properties into the lens material itself by using the DuraVisiaon Platinum coating. This new technology provides full UV protection against the harmful and protects from irritating blue lights up to 40%.

Besides, we always concern and get the feedback from the consumer when there is any new launched lenses out in the market. Out of that, we do found that there were some group of consumer feels that the protective blue protect coatings produces uncomfortable reflections on top of the lenses. Most of them could feel the reflection under excessive bright lights or even some feel the reflection were quite disturbing while taking photographs. Do not worry anymore! With ZEISS BlueGuard lenses you can experience less blue light reflections up to 50% compared to the previous ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect coating. What is more exciting when these lenses could provide you the excellent clarity, fast cleaning and superior durability.

By using the latest organic and chemical technologies, blue filter properties potentially blocks the harmful blue lights from the sun up to 400nm. So how does blue light causing discomforts to you? This light will scatter throughout the vitreous humor when it enters the eye and causes the ‘visual noise’. When it happens, we will perceive it as discomfort glare and our eyes starts to see less contrast perceptions. Moreover, blue lights may causes longitudinal aberrations that lead to blurred images which contributes to symptoms associated with digital eye strain. Thus, blue light blocking coating were designed to solve the blue light issues by reflecting it out but the residual reflections turns to become high with it. Especially with indoor activities which sourced from LED illuminations or from any display screens.

Now, people can take selfies and have video calls with more confidence because you may no longer feel irritated with the residual blue lights. At the same time, you will still be protected from the harmful blue lights and also from UV lights. By being updated and efficient we can strive better in this industry only by providing you the best eye health care. This is always a three cycle procedure of where you as a consumer will provide us the feedback of any new products and the result will help us to improve better and get back to you with more interesting and useful ophthalmic eye cares. An excellent balance between protection, visual comfort and aesthetics is very important. So get your own ZEISS BlueGuard lenses from us now with more exciting updates!


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