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Travelling with contact lenses

Tips for Travelling with Contact Lenses

Tips for travelling with contact lenses For those who wear it regularly, planning an additional step of the contact lenses more often before embarking on any trip. It is to ensure these items fit into your luggage while it doesn’t require such a time-consuming preparation. Contact lenses are great for travelling. Hence, as you travel your eyes may dry out and since you’re breaking your routine, you’ll forget to keep up your lenses properly.  By using these simple five tips for travelling with contact lenses, you can pack up quickly and enjoy the rest of your trip.  Travelling with contact lenses Contact lens tips for traveller; Buy a small solution contact bottle – instead of packing an oversized bottle of contact solution, invest in a travel-sized solution pack which is…

The Best Brands of Contact Lenses

The common questions from most people who are new to contacts is “What are the best brands of contact lenses to wear?” , an optometrist have given their suggestion based on the person itself, because every person must have different cases and there is a lot of brands out there that offer the unique features. In US, they commonly prescribes the contact lenses as a soft lenses, which are more comfortable to wear, have a better place to store, and are easier to adjust. To maintain the eye health, the contact lenses itself should allow enough oxygen to pass through the cornea. The person who are thinking to switch from glasses to contacts and will becoming a contact lens wearer, you probably wants to know more information about each of…

The Importance of Breathable Contact Lens

It is important for us to know that our contact lenses is breathable or less because we always have to keep our eyes moist and comfortable. The importance of breathable contact lens is allow more oxygen to be permeable while wearing the lenses. The breathable lenses is needed to stay healthy and properly function to prevent the others damage. You may try using at least three or four brands of contact lenses, so that you know which one is suitable for your eye. (more…)