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Essilor Crizal Rock and Crizal Sapphire HR


Essilor Crizal Rock and Crizal Sapphire HR are the latest coatings introduced by Essilor. Our eyes are always watching the hectic rhythm of our daily schedule every day and teaching us what life is all about. Daily aggressions might affect our ability to see clearly and comfortably. Our optical health depends on choosing the best lenses, and Anti-Reflection lenses are a necessity for our spectacles to be complete. All ages are advised to use anti-reflection lenses, which offer the advantages listed below. See BetterBy minimizing reflection from headlights, taillights, and streetlights, anti-reflective glasses make nighttime driving safer and more comfortable. Feel BetterAnti-Reflective lenses are nearly undetectable to others around you because they are clear, unclouded, and reflection-free. People notice you, not your spectacles. Sense betterAnti-reflective lenses reduce headaches and eye…

Impact of using smartphones

Negative impact of using smartphones

Most of us already get to know that at a certain point there will be a stage in our life of where digital devices will be the most popular and important things in human life. But do we aware of the negative impact of using smartphones or any other devices without knowing the proper fact and features about it? (more…)