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Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses

What are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses or also called as multifocal lenses or varifocal lenses is an ophthalmic lenses that carries graduated prescription in it. This lenses serves optimum vision and clarity at various distances.

It provides a convenient use to you, as one single pair of multifocal spectacle which can serve a multi purpose use such as doing close work (example while reading newspaper, or using smartphones), intermediate distance (example while browsing any website) and also for distance vision (example driving and watching TV).

Who will need Multifocal Lenses?

Those who have vision problem or accommodation issues can use this lens, but the function may vary depend on the visual needs.

Commonly, multifocal lenses best suit for people who are in age category of late 30’s or early 40’s and above. They are known as presbyopic; those who have difficulties in seeing near things (farsightedness) like reading or sewing.

In some cases, progressive lenses can be used to control myopia (nearsightedness) in children too.

Types of Progressive Lenses

This lens fits better according to the brand, level of distortions, or prices and even if it has a perfect fit, some people may have trouble in adjusting with progressive lenses. Below shows few types of multifocal lenses:

  • Standard Varifocal Lenses: Smooth power graduation from distance down towards reading.
  • Short Corridor Progressive Lenses: Designed to fit smaller frames
  • Computer Multifocal Lenses: For office use such as computer and near reading
  • Premium Progressive Lenses: High range lens with less distortion in reading area
  • Ground view Multifocal Lenses: Sport lenses that focuses more on intermediate zone
  • Transition Progressive Lenses: A photochromic lenses that get darkens automatically under UV sunlight
zones in progressive lenses

Advantage of Progressive Lenses

  • With better adaptations of the gradual power in multifocal lenses, you will have a more natural and clear vision in all distances
  • It is more convenient as you do not require many pairs of spectacles to used in different circumstances.
  • Do not have lines in the lenses and cosmetically appealing
  • Easy to adjust in premier multifocal lenses with minimal time and adjustments
  • Does not limit your vision to certain distances with the center lines as in bifocals, yet it will reduce eye fatigues and provide more comfortable view

Disadvantages of Progressive Lenses

  • It may takes time to learn on the adaptation process on how to adjust our eyes and neck to the exact clear and comfortable vision zones
  • There is a temporary vision distortion in all range of lenses but may differ or subject to the frame selections and type of varifocal lenses too
  • The cost would be higher for less distortion or for more wider reading zones

The cost of Progressive Lenses

Typically, this lens is more costly than a bifocal lenses. The cost of varifocal lenses are based on the lens technology too.

All these lenses are designed for convenient and easy use as they contain countless focus for you and with one pair of multifocal you can use it for all your routine works. For example, a standard multifocal lens may cost RM400+/- to RM1500 and above.

Prices also do depends on your prescription, lens thickness and coatings.

If you are those who have difficulties to read at near distance, or have to remove your current spectacle to read comfortably you may need to get your eyes tested to know weather progressive lenses would solve your problem.

Ophthalmic lens technology is always improving and we are always here to guide you.