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Ortho-K Disadvantages

Ortho k therapy procedure

Ortho-keratology or Ortho-K is the usage of a specially designed gas permeable contact lens. It is a lens that gently reshapes the cornea or the front surface of the eyeball to reduce or control myopia. Myopia is referred as Shortsightedness or “Rabun jauh”. Some people refer to it as Hard Lens or OK lenses. You wear these lens overnight and you can see clearly when you wake up. After you remove them of course.

Ortho k therapy procedure
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Ortho-K seems like the way to go to “correct” your eyes without having Lasik Eye Surgery and a good way to control childhood Myopia. It doesn’t actually fix your myopia but controls it. It seems like a good alternative but there are the disadvantages that comes with hard lenses such as:

  1. It is time consuming and it would need multiple visits to the optometrist for up 3 to 6 months. It would be a long process and you would need to find an optometrist that does offer these lenses.
  2. You have to wear it every night when you go to sleep or the cornea will revert to its original shape. It is a difficult thing to do every night especially when you are tired and just ready to sleep. But if you are a discipline person, then this is suitable for you.
  3. Although the percentage of success is high, there is no 100% guaranty that it would help slow down the rate of myopia increasing.
  4. The time frame of when your myopia would reduce is not certain. It varies from one individual to the next. Some may be immediate while others might take a longer time.
  5. The process requires you to follow the instructions fully. No maybe I have to do this or that may not be needed. You would have to follow everything by the book to ensure best results.
  6. It may cost you up to thousands of ringgit. Compared to Lasik eye surgery, it is significantly cheaper but the time commitment is a must.

With everything that has been said, if you truly think that Ortho-K is what you want or if you are interested in it. You can drop by MALAYA OPTICAL for further information and consultation by our qualified Optometrist who are experienced and expert Ortho K fitters.

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