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Nikon E-Life Pro Series Lenses near me

Nikon E-Life Pro Series Lenses are a line of ophthalmic lenses designed and manufactured by Nikon, a world-renowned Japanese optics company. Nikon’s E-Life Pro series of ophthalmic lenses, including E-Life Pro Active, E-Life Pro Home & Office, and E-Life Pro Read, are designed to provide a comfortable and intuitive vision experience for different activities at various distances. Now lets look into what are the three main lenses that falls under . Nikon’s E-Life Pro series.

E-Life Pro Active lenses are optimized for active lifestyles, such as sports and outdoor activities. These lenses are designed to offer excellent visual clarity, contrast, and color perception in bright outdoor environments. Additionally, they have an anti-reflective coating that helps reduce glare and improve visual comfort, especially during activities that require fast and precise movements. If you are someone who is constantly on the move and enjoy outdoor activities, then E-Life Pro Active lenses might be perfect for you.

Nikon E-Life Pro series

Nikon E-Life Pro series

Malaya Optical is a professional and well-trained optometrist that can help you choose the right Nikon E-Life Pro lenses based on your individual needs and preferences. With Nikon’s E-Life Pro series, you can enjoy a comfortable and intuitive vision experience, no matter what activities you engage in.

E-Life Pro Home & Office lenses, on the other hand, are designed for people who spend a significant amount of time indoors, such as working in front of a computer or reading. These lenses offer a wide and clear field of vision at intermediate and near distances, which makes them ideal for desk work, computer use, and reading. They also have a blue light filtering feature that helps reduce eye strain and improve visual comfort during extended screen time. If you work indoors and use a computer for an extended period, E-Life Pro Home & Office lenses can help alleviate eye strain and provide comfortable vision.

Maximising your crucial vision distance while maintaining intuitive vision at all distances.

E-Life Pro Read lenses are specifically designed for people who have difficulty seeing objects clearly at close distances, such as reading small print or using a mobile phone. These lenses have a unique design that provides a wide and clear field of vision at a close distance, making it easy to read small print without straining your eyes. If you have trouble seeing close objects, E-Life Pro Read lenses can make reading and other close-up activities much easier.


Overall, Nikon E-Life Pro Series Lenses offer a comfortable and intuitive vision experience for different activities and lifestyles. Visit us now and choose your right Nikon E-Life Pro Series lenses to experience a balance vision in every activities you involved.


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