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Markus T Handmade Frame

markus t

Markus T Handmade, Markus T Handmade Frame, Optometrist in Petaling Jaya | Optical ShopMARKUS T – behind this name lies the designer, Markus Temming. He has been designing exclusive eyewear using intelligent technical constructions since 1999. From the onset, he aimed to produce glasses that are 100% Made in Germany. And this is something he has certainly achieved. Around 60 people are now working in the production company in Gütersloh, Westphalia. Suppliers either come from the region itself or from the more far-flung areas of Germany. Following the age-old tradition of German engineering, a pair of glasses by MARKUS T is a quality product that is 100% Handmade in Germany.

Markus T Handmade, Markus T Handmade Frame, Optometrist in Petaling Jaya | Optical Shop

As a matter of fact, it was at his own kitchen table that Markus Temming first produced glasses frames by himself. His first bold steps towards becoming independent were taken with courage and inventive talent. The charming farmhouse in Gütersloh-Isselhorst still remains the company’s headquarters even today, its location a declaration of its Westphalian roots. Since that time, over a period spanning more than ten years, his team working in production and distribution of the owner-managed business has grown into a workforce just short of 60 people.

Markus Temming has already been distinguished as a family-friendly employer for his individual working time models. Aware of his social responsibilities, he allows his employees to work hours which suit the needs of their families. This way everybody wins, since stress-free working conditions and a positive working environment contribute towards the high product quality of MARKUS T.

Markus T Handmade, Markus T Handmade Frame, Optometrist in Petaling Jaya | Optical Shop


Glasses should look good, reflecting the wearer’s style and personality. They should fit comfortably, last a long time, and cause the minimum of fuss. Put simply; they should be up to the job. There should be only one thing left for the wearer to do – feel comfortable.

When Markus Temming designs glasses, the basis for his design lies in its functionality. He designs technologies which improve on comfort, both in terms of fit and, above all, for daily use. At the same time, the technical features become an element of the eyewear design. And so in turn, the typical character of a pair of MARKUS T glasses evolves.

Markus T Handmade, Markus T Handmade Frame, Optometrist in Petaling Jaya | Optical Shop


MARKUS T uses material of the highest quality – titanium. It is durable, lightweight and anti-allergen, making it the best possible material for eyewear. Markus Temming would not be satisfied with anything less. Polyamide “TMi” was developed with the express intention of bestowing synthetic frames with these characteristics too. Extremely thin glasses parts can be realised with this unique material. This is because it is lighter, stronger and more flexible than other synthetics.

All eyewear by MARKUS T are designed without screws because screws are maintenance-intensive. Markus Temming develops clever alternatives in their stead. Inserting the lenses becomes child’s play thanks to a special closure system. The typical Markus T small, square, block hinges connect the frame sections, making any follow-up tightening unnecessary.

The technology is also the hallmark of MARKUS T: Markus T wearers can recognise one another by the prominent block hinges and reveal themselves as part of the Markus T “community.”


MARKUS T M037 M2 007597
MARKUS T M037 M2 007637
MARKUS T M020 M2 001351
MARKUS T M027 M2 003219
MARKUS T M027 M 071416 K
MARKUS T M027 M2 009190
MARKUS T M020 M2 003298
MARKUS T M020 M2 010093
MARKUS T M037 M 068853 K
MARKUS T M037 M2 012721
MARKUS T M020 M 071410 K
MARKUS T M026 M2 015001
MARKUS T M026 M2 014951
MARKUS T M026 M2 012727
MARKUS T M022 M 071419 K
MARKUS T M026 M2 014950
MARKUS T M022 M2 003224
MARKUS T M036 M2 012081
MARKUS T M034 M2 014968
MARKUS T M034 M2 012724
MARKUS T M036 M2 012825
MARKUS T M034 M2 012219
MARKUS T M022 M 071413 K
MARKUS T M036 M2 045002
MARKUS T M022 M 071401 K
MARKUS T M036 M2 012122
MARKUS T M034 M2 014953
MARKUS T M027 M 071386 K