Zeiss Single Vision Lens

Carl Zeiss Malaysia offers a wide range of single vision products  to serve all wearer needs from lower price conventional single vision lenses to the  highest precision Zeiss Single Vision Individual lenses.

Carl zeiss not only takes into consideration of the lens  visual quality, cosmetic appearance and wearing comfort but also the weight of the single vision lenses. Customers with high prescription  is recommended to wear high refractive indices plastic and glass lenses or aspheric/atoridal surface designs that able to produce flat and light lenses.

3 Types of coatings available in the Zeiss 

  • lotutec
  • duravision platinum (hardest ever coating)
  • duravision blue protect ( hardest coating+computer use blue light protection)


3 types of single vision lens offered by Carl Zeiss

  • Zeiss Single Vision Aspheric
  • Zeiss Single Vision Superb
  • Zeiss Single Vision Individual 


Zeiss Single Vision Portfolio Zeiss  Zeiss Zeiss
  Single Vision Aspheric Single Vision Superb Single Vision Individual
Optimum Visual Performance     *
incorporation of all relevant      
individual data measured by       
Clearer Vision Over the Entire Lens   * *
Thinner and Flatter Lens * * *
flatter curvature and reduced      
High Quality Vision * * *
Better Night Vision * * *
available with i-Scription technology