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Carl Zeiss Myovision Pro And Myokids

Carl Zeiss Myovision Pro And Myokids

Zeiss Myovision Pro and Myokids lenses

When you are looking into this page, we believe that you are lovely parents that are really concerned about your kid’s vision.

We totally understood how urgent you are, in order to get a solution or treatment to control the myopia progression of your kid’s eyes. In this 5 minute reading, you will be one-step closer in understanding Carl Zeiss Myopia Management Lenses which are Myovision Pro and Myokids. 

What is Myopia?
Myopia is also known as short-sightedness. In Malaysia, it is widely known as “rabun jauh” or  “近视”. When it happens, your kid can see near objects clearly or could read the book smoothly but their vision will  be blurred when looking far. Chance is, you will see them squinting while looking at distance or complaint of eye strain. In this digital era, they will most likely crawl nearer to the television in order to see clear.  

Carl Zeiss MyoVision Pro
Over the years, Carl Zeiss has done a lot of studies in myopia management spectacle lenses. Today, Carl Zeiss has proudly introduced to us MyoVision Pro lenses, which is specially designed for children’s anatomy and lifestyle.  MyoVision Pro lens is a next generation single vision lens with specific myopia management design. This lens is targeted to young kids between 6 years old to 12 years old. 

On this lens, Carl Zeiss designed 2 vision areas – the center vision and the periphery vision.

Carl Zeiss MyoKids
Compared to conventional single vision lenses and Myovision Pro lenses, Carl Zeiss MyoKids has a better and more innovative design to help slow down the myopia progression by reducing eye strain at near work. Based on our eye’s anatomy, when we are doing near work, our eyes will turn downward and inwards. At the same time, our eyes will need even less power to read, as compared to the power we need to see far. 

In the design of MyoKids lenses, there are two main vision areas, which are the top half zone and the bottom active zone. The top half zone has the exact prescription your kid needed to see clearly at far, whereas the bottom active zone will have a more suitable power that allows your kid to read more comfortably without straining the eyes. 

When our eyes look at near objects, our eyes muscles will try to relax and the eye power needed for near tasks is lesser. However, when we wear the normal spectacle lenses, the excess power on the lenses makes us strain our eyes to relax our eye muscles even more. This results in a signal to our eyes to elongate. In consequence, the myopia progression increases. Therefore, the bottom active zone of MyoKids lenses solved this problem by providing a more suitable power for your kid to see clearly while doing near tasks. At the same time, it actually helps in reducing myopia progression more effectively. 

Moreover, our kids are having their class digitally due to the Covid pandemic. This special near vision design also supports the digital lives of them to reduce eyestrain! 

For overall protection, both Carl Zeiss MyoVision Pro and MyoKids lenses provide full UV protection too! This makes Carl Zeiss myopia management lenses a perfect solution for indoors and outdoors while preventing the progression of your kid’s myopia to shoot up. Visit Malaya Optical today to get your kid myopia corrected!