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Zeiss Office Lens – Everything at a glance!

Zeiss Office Lens

If you get at least 3 YES for the questions below, Zeiss Office Lens will be your ultimate life-saver in no time!

  • Are you 35 or older? 
  • Do you spend long hours in your office or doing near tasks at home? 
  • Are you a multifocal glasses wearer? 
  • Do you feel tired eyes, headache or even neck and back pain after a long day at work? 

Since the outbreak of COVID in 2020, people are encouraged to stay home to break the chain. This leads to a scenario that everyone is working at home. This phenomenon not only happened to you, but everyone, and everywhere. 

When we spend most of our time indoors such as doing work with our laptop or doing things at home, we are actually relying more on our near to intermediate (up to 4 meters) vision. Wearing reading glasses or progressive lenses are not your best choices. They can limit your vision and eventually cause inescapable symptoms like tired eyes, eyestrain, headaches, neck and back pain.


Wearing reading glasses for computer work

Reading glasses are actually designed for very close distance work (around 50cm). This distance is actually shorter compared to the distance between your eyes and the computer’s screen. If you wear reading glasses for computer work, you will automatically move your head closer to the screen. This causes you to adopt an uncomfortable sitting posture, which can put unnecessary strain on your neck and back pain. 

Wearing multifocal lenses for computer work

Yes! I got you, multifocal lenses are designed to see far to near seamlessly and clearly. If you are a multifocal lenses wearer, don’t you feel your current reading portion is small for long hours of work? Working at a screen means you are required to look through the bottom section of the lens. To do this, you got to tilt your head backwards slightly to see your keyboard clearly. This too causes you to adopt an uncomfortable sitting posture, which can lead to unnecessary neck and shoulder pain. 

So, what can we do when reading glasses and multifocal lenses can’t help when you are working? We need something between them, right? Zeiss heard you and they have tailored glasses to make sure you can see your computer screen clearly in a comfortable, relaxed position.

Wearing Office lens for computer work

Zeiss Office lens offers a wide visual field at intermediate distances. Wearing Office lenses keeps your posture relaxed as you can look through the right section of the lens effortlessly. This brilliant design even allows you to look up and talk to your family members or colleagues while working on a computer. 

You may wonder if Office lens is a perfect fit if you are using a laptop for work. Once again, Zeiss heard you and Zeiss truly understands the importance of personalised vision. Everyone performs their work at different distances and under different conditions. Therefore, Zeiss has created 3 different designs of Office lenses which can fulfill your precise visual requirement right down to the very last centimeter. For instance, you can opt for reading distance (book), desk distance (near) or wall distance (room). Each distance can provide clear vision up to 100cm, 200cm and 400cm respectively. Choosing the right fit of the lenses allow you to keep your head and neck at a natural, relaxed position throughout the day. You may refer to pictures below to understand the distance you actually needed! 

Zeiss Office Lens Book
Zeiss Office Lens Near
Zeiss Office Lens Room


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