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Adjust Eye Glasses

FIX 維修服務框架眼鏡眼鏡

你有沒有遇到過這些問題? 眼鏡容易滑落? 鏡框、眼鏡對齊不均? 鼻墊不見了? 框架彎曲? 折斷的鉸鏈? 錯位的镜框脚? 镜框断了? 末端或橡膠磨損? (more…)

Adjust Eye Glasses


Pernahkah anda menghadapi salah satu masalah yang disenaraikan seperti ini? Seperti itu, anda juga tidak mengetahui untuk mencari siapa yang menyediakan perkhidmatan membaiki rangka cermin dan kacamata? Cermin mata mudah jatuh? Penjajaran bingkai, cermin mata anda tidak sekata? Nosepad di bahagian hidung hilang? Bingkai bengkok? Engsel patah? Kaki bingkai terkehel? Bingkai yang disentap? Getah lusuh di bahagian hujung kaki bingkai? (more…)

nosepad extension


Nosepad extensions for eyelashes are now available at Malaya Optical. Eyelashes keep dust and any foreign particles away from your eyes. They enhance your eyes and your facial features. They help steal strangers' eyes and your crushes as well. To make your lashes pop, you invested so much effort into it by curling it, applying layers upon layers of mascara and you may have even invested your hard earn money to get lash extensions. All this effort to make them curl, stand, point out and to stay like that all day long. But then, the moment you put on your snazzy shades or glasses, well, need I say more? The lens touches your lashes, moving them around and annoying you, the wearer, all day long. All that effort and money,…

Adjust Eye Glasses


Have you ever encountered any of these problems? Glasses dropping down easily? Uneven alignment of your frames, spectacles, glasses? Missing nosepad? Bent frames? Broken hinges? Dislocated temple? Snapped frames? End-tips or rubber wear and tear? (more…)

nosepad extension


鼻垫延长眼睫毛 眼睫毛的长短不但能为您增添魅力,同时也能吸引他人的注意。 [caption id="attachment_9431" align="aligncenter" width="1003"] 鼻垫延长眼睫毛[/caption] 即使您费尽全力、想尽办法,甚至是采用moolahs使您的眼睫毛看起来更为艳丽、动人, [caption id="attachment_9432" align="aligncenter" width="1006"] 鼻垫延长眼睫毛[/caption] 然而,当你配架了框架时,您所有的努力都将前功尽弃了。 [caption id="attachment_9433" align="aligncenter" width="1006"] 鼻垫延长眼睫毛[/caption] 是时候跟金钱和时间说再见了! [caption id="attachment_9434" align="aligncenter" width="1004"] 鼻垫延长眼睫毛[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9435" align="aligncenter" width="1005"] 鼻垫延长眼睫毛[/caption] 此时,Malaya Optical推出了日本最新的soft silicone鼻垫来帮助你, 让您不再有任何烦恼。 它既柔软又不会在您的鼻梁上留下痕迹,化妆时更加轻而易举。 [caption id="attachment_9436" align="aligncenter" width="1006"] 鼻垫延长眼睫毛[/caption] 若你想要拥有更为俏丽的眼睫毛, 欢迎来到Malaya Optical,让我们为您贴上! Nose pads for plastic frames and nosepads for eyeglasses without nose pads may be added primarily in three ways. The use of adhesive nose pads is a popular method of converting a pad-free eyeglass frame into one that uses nose pads. A popular type of self adhesive nose pad is commonly referred to as the stick-on nose pad. Stick on nosepads are applied to the glasses frame by means of an adhesive material. A more permanent method of applying glasses nose pads or nose pieces to plastic frames…