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Sight is the most importance sense

The most important sense is Sight

The sense organs are all known as the body organs which been treasured by human being’s. Each of the organs were connected to each other and equally serves their own importance in everyday human lives. But why sight is the most importance sense.

The five organs incudes the eyes (for seeing), nose (for smelling), ears (for hearing), tongue (for tasting), and skin (for touching or feeling). Among these five organs, our eyes is the most important sense because more than eighty percent of our impressions were starts from sight. And whenever we try to discover about human five senses, eyes or sight will be always listed to the top! Let’s read more and find out new facts about our sense and also know the reason of why does sight is the most importance sense.

The senses are important because they help us to perceive our surroundings. By far the most important sense organ is known as our eyes. There is no way we can complete our day without using our eyesight in it. Moreover, if other sense such as smelling or hearing stopped working, our sight can full filled it up to fifty percent in our daily task as it can protect us from dangerous environment. I think, this reason is good enough to save us compared to any other. At most of the time, we may not think about our senses until they start to dysfunctioning or if any organ tend to stop working. Its okay! That’s something very common happened to everyone but we also must be grateful if we have all our senses and organs works perfectly.

In addition, the sense of sight is magical at the first moment to everyone. If you know exactly, from birth, our eyesight will slowly developed from seeing a blur image to the most clearer one. The process of getting it to a clear and sharper vision is so satisfying and there where we can realize how much crucial eyesight is to us. People make snap decisions about whether or not they find someone attractive in fractions of a second using the sense of sight. The overall impression is heavily influenced by gestures, facial expressions, and body language. Other senses emerge only as you get to know each other better.

The importance of having good eyesight do also tells us the reason of why are human eyes so much more capable. Basically, it is because they have more components which collect information at one time to perceive whatever they see in less than seconds! Wow that’s sound really amazing. Less than one second? Yes! It is.

When you actually see something your eyes don’t see it actually, but your brain do. At the start of what will become your vision, light enters your eyes. The rest of the work is left to the brain now that the information about the item and its colour has been gathered.

So, how about those who lost their vision or born with blind vision? Those people do also compensate their handicap by using other functional senses. They may, for example, use their sense of hearing to orient themselves in space or their sense of smell to identify people and locations with rigorous training. But for them, its not something that make them happy for their life, because only with good eyesight you can know how much does everything is worth.

The most important sense is Sight

Our eyes aren’t just doing their job; they’re also the conduit through which our brain can inform us about our surroundings, teach us new things, and create wonderful memories. All of these factors contribute to the importance of maintaining good vision. If you want to know whether you have a good eyesight or not, do not hesitate to contact us today and get your eyes tested.


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