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Hoya MiyoSmart lenses is the best choice to control the power progression for your kids. As a parents, you may notice that your child are struggling to see clear at a distance. This may cause them to have lack of quality in vision and difficulty to perform in school. Without concentrating or having a hard time in school and play your kids may not perform to their best. If your kids encounter this problem, most probably they have short sightedness or myopia. But, do not worry about it, MiyoSmart hoya lenses at Malaya Optical is there to solve your kids vision problem.

First of all, we need to understand how does our kids get into shortsighted power or myopia. This happens when your kids eyeball grows faster than what it should and become too long. Or it also may happen when the cornea is too curved and thick. When this problem occurs, instead of focusing the image on the retina, it will focus in front of the retina. If it is left untreated, your children may suffer from more vision problem, see images clear, causing headache and can lead to long lasting vison problem.

By the year of 2050, an estimated of 5 billion people, of half of the global population is expected to be affected by short-sightedness in all age category. Based on researchers, it shows that everyone are spending time more on near work, with less time spend for outdoor activities, the value placed on educational performances and many other combined interacting hereditary, behavioral and environmental factors is associating to the increment in the progression of myopia power. To make sure your kids to not have high myopia prescription, you should monitor your kids from now. It is always good to take an early intervention rather than waiting for the problem to become worst so that if the problem is detected early we can help to resolve for your kids.

While there is no cure, a variety of treatments have shown to be effective in slowing or halting myopia progression such as eye drops, spectacle lenses, orthokeratology and contact lenses. Spectacle lenses are widely recommended as they are safe and easy for your child to wear.

To bring all these into consideration, it all starts with an eye examination. That is why, we as an optometrist always practice ourselves and suggest parents to get their kids eyes tested at least 6 months to 1 year once. If the prescription or eye problem is severe, then frequent visit might be the best solution for us to provide the right treatment at the right time. As children eyeball tend to grow until their reach their puberty age, we can actually help to monitor and control the progression of the eyeball getting too long that what it suppose to be. Thus, spectacle use with MiyoSmart lenses is very much helpful in monitoring and slowing down your children’s myopic vision problem.

MiyoSmart is an innovative spectacle lens for myopia control developed based on a two-year clinical trial results and MiyoSmart is proven to curb myopia progression in children in average by 60% with its award-winning D.I.M.S. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology. MiyoSmart hoya lenses at Malaya Optical is a technology created to correct the refractive error at the central zone with a multiple defocus segment placed evenly surrounding the central zone, which will extend to the mid-periphery zone. This helps your kids to obtain a clear vision and myopic defocus simultaneously at all viewing distances. With this process, it will actually curb the myopia progression by 59% and slow down the axial length grow by average of 60%.

Besides that, we as parents do think about the safety and protection of these lenses on our kids. As children are active, there is a need for the lens material to be impact-resistant to offer their eyes the protection they need. MiyoSmart uses polycarbonate 1.59 which is a highly impact resistant material that has passed the high velocity impact drop ball test. Other than that, it is safe to use with high UV protection under the harmful sunlight radiation and has the thin and light weight material.

At Malaya Optical, we always practice and recommend our patients to get their eyes examined under regular eye screening as it helps to detect early signs of visual problems. For kids, if you have noticed them struggling to do their daily activities for distance at home, or squeezing their eyes while watching TV, performing slow in school while focusing something on the presentation or white board please take note, these are few of the early symptoms for your kids to have myopia. If either one or both parents are short-sighted, eye exams are even more important. When you identify myopia early, you can slow it down with early, personalized action plans. Get your children eyes tested TODAY, and find out more about myopia progression lenses with us.