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DITA Eyewear

DITA eyewear in Malaysia

Perfecting the art of eyewear and expertising in their craftsmanship is where DITA is known as the master of quality and innovation. For about 25 years, DITA has been holding the highest reputation in the optical industry by focusing their eyewear designs to be as perfect as possible. From there till now, they are creating a strong relationship with the world most famous artists to create outstanding designs. Here we go, introducing the finest and leading eyewear brand; DITA.

Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, the co-founders of DITA were the first two people who came out with the luxury brand named  Dita in 1995. Both of them have a passionate background in designing, photography and have been performing well in creating and styling. 

They believe in the concept of eyewear is the most persistent and memorable accessory compared to all other fashion wear. The innovative thinking and their mission to create high-quality frames is what makes them magnificent compared to the unsatisfied and uninspired products. 

DITA eyewear Malaysia

DITA frames were all completed in Japan, as they are way much concerned on the detailing on the frames which requires phenomenal quality and as we know Japan will definitely fulfill it.  There are 3 best qualities listed here to show how well DITA eyewear has been crafted and enhanced.

In production, DITA frame is made of titanium material and they used the highest grade of titanium material called Beta-Titanium. It has the best features such as thin, durable and has intense flexibility. This material is way lighter, about ⅓ of the weight of steel. Next , they also do emphasise on the final look of the frames by producing an acetate finishing. The end results always achieve its beautiful vibrant look.

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