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Who cannot wear Contact Lenses?

who cannot wear contact lenses

Who cannot wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses are an alternative for eye glasses. It was created more than 100 years ago, it was first made of glass and hard plastic. Nowadays, contact lenses are made of soft plastic, it is a small and thin disc designed so you can place directly on the surface of the eyes (cornea).

Often, eye doctors or other professional optometrists prescribe contact lenses for vision problems such shortsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. An optometrist can also prescribe them to treat certain eye conditions and diseases. For instance, people who have had cataract surgery and who have not received a lens implant, also can use special contact lenses.

If you’re thinking of getting a contact lenses, there are two thing that you need to do first;

  1. Find out the facts about contact lens
  2. Visit you eye doctor

Since contact lenses are medical devices, they must be properly installed by an eye care professional. This could happen even if you’re not wearing glasses and just want to wear contacts to change the colour of your eyes. After your eye doctor examines your eyes to make sure it is okay for you to wear contact lenses, then they will write you a prescription for contact lenses.

However, not everyone can use contacts and should switch to contacts. For some people, the idea of touching their eyeballs everyday is not something they want to do, but for others there are medical and physical problems that need to be addressed. You should not wear contacts lenses for example if you have dry-eye syndrome or allergies. 

who cannot wear contact lenses

So, who cannot wear contact lenses? The person who has dry-eye syndrome which is their tear glands produce fewer tears. Although, there are contact lenses and eye drops designed to help their dry eyes, it is still not enough to make wearing contact lenses comfortable. Other than that, who have allergies or sensitive-eye means they are allergic to the disinfecting solution or the contact lenses itself. Every time they go to clean their contacts, the body will react negatively and might cause discomfort due to irritation and infection to their eyes. Ages also plays a role for anyone who cannot wear contact lenses. Children and pre-teens want to try contacts to change their look. From the opinion of an eye-doctor, the earliest age who can try contact lenses is during adolescence; because their eyes are very tender and sensitive. Plus handling contact lenses is not an easy task, if they put it the wrong way, it may cause damage to their eyes.

For more information on whether you can wear contact lenses or not, you can visit Malaya Optical Optometrists for a contact lens exam and fitting. Furthermore, nowadays, eyeglasses are becoming more and more stylish, and the designs of frames are changing and becoming more attractive each year. 


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