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What’s the most attractive eye color?

most attractive eye color

What is the most attractive eye color?

The eyes are considered as the most attractive facial features. Everyone’s eyes are very unique including the color of their eyes. The colored part of the eye is called the iris and controls pupil size. No two people will share the same color, shape or appearance of the eyes. 

Many of us have an interest in a particular color regarding eye color, whether it belongs to us or our partners or loved ones – but did you know that there are colors that are preferred?

From previous research, it has confirmed that people are more interested in brighter irises than darker ones, and it seems that the stereotype of blue and green eyes being the most amazing does exist, as the recent research shows that the most scientifically attractive eye color is either blue and green.

the most attractive eye color

Interestingly, while we can associate this color with “baby blues” or green eyes, the fact is that we do not have the full pigment in our eyes at birth. Thus, many children are born with blue eyes that gradually change into different colors when they grow up. 

While blue eyes tend to have a natural glow to them, brown eyes also definitely have their advantages as well. The people with brown eyes have the most common pigments called melanin in their iris, which means that they are better protected from the sun and have less risk of eye diseases than people with brightly colored eyes. Hazel eyes are in second place because they have most melanin, but their eyes are most pigmented around the edges of iris with a combination of gold, brown and green filling the center. Hazel eyes are also selected as one of the most attractive eye colors and arguably have the best of both worlds, health and beauty. 

The eyes can tell a lot about a person’s emotions and are the most expressive facial features. When discussing the most beautiful eyes in the world, it is important to consider that people have a variety of attractive qualities. The eyes come in different colors, shapes and contrasts that make them very unique for individuals. 

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