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The effect using gadgets on children’s eyes

Many recent studies have found that, most of children spend their average time in a day by using different gadgets like smartphone, playing video games, watching television and using stereo systems. Kids loves to use all these gadgets as they found it very interesting and most of the time parents do allow and practice them to use it. The effect using gadgets on children’s eyes has turned out as an important topic to discuss nowadays.

Without knowing kids do pay attention by spending hours using gadgets and did not realize to their wrong posture, bright screen and screen distance from their actual positions. This may cause an ultimate health and vision problems day by day.

Gadget addiction breaking kids' back - Computing News | Gadgets Now

Staring at screen or electronic devices for continuous hours causes distress and various problem involving eyes. Some of them may get irritation in their eyes and in worst case children may even loose their ability to view anything binocularly. By the time, they may even have difficulty to have proper functions in eye muscles and nerves. At this age, we adults may also have issues to face screen for longer hours, imagine if the same thing happen, how do your children would cope with it?

In this era, we can’t keep ourselves or our children away from these devices so we can try to minimize the impact of these devices on our children. Spending our regular times by using gadgets too much may causes vision problems and it may also increase the chances of getting high myopia power. Besides, staring at screens may also reduce our blinking time and it may causes dry eyes in future.

Children who spend more time on screens may also develop speech and language delay. A child with a speech delay might use words and phrases to express ideas but be difficult to understand. Usually they will spend their time alone and love to express themselves as they are in fairy land.

Some children may also have issues with attention deficits. It refers to problems like paying attention, excess activity or has difficulty controlling behaviour which is not appropriate. This can occur in children and cause them to be restless, unable to focus, and easily get distracted. This change in behaviour can cause problem at school or at home as well.

Obviously, not every children are rely on using gadgets nowadays, but it is purely base on how well we are able to control and monitor them on screen usage. We can generally balance their lifestyle and daily activities by allowing them to play outdoor games, set time for screen usage, be more engaged with them and make sure they do have adequate sleep time too.

If you found your children to have anxiety, feel fear to mingle with people around, always experience depressions or any other complaints as above do seek for health care and eye care professionals before it gets more serious.


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