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Sponsorship Club – MO Retail Visit

Performance Based Sponsorship – MO Retail Visit

Important Notice


  • Group Name University Malaya Chess Club
    • [SPONSOR – VISIT] MO UM Chess.


  • Take a screenshot of our current follower count before you start.


Step 1

– Propose a date. Best usually during the weekends and between 11am to 1 pm.

– The whole event should finish within 1 hour.

– Choose the outlet of your choice to visit

– Confirm the number of pax able to visit and participate.

-Remember to look your best and dress smart casual: no uniforms, no bags, no badges.

– Light refreshment would be provided.

– Most of all have fun 😉

– Sponsorship is based on the number of pax participating, the more pax the better the Sponsorship for Participants and Club.

Step 2

– Gather outside Malaya Optical until the instruction to come in as a group.

Step 3

– Search for Malaya Optical on FacebookInstagram and Google+

– Check in into these three social medias first.

– Like, follow, comment and share on our 5 recent posts.

– Make your comments sound casual and  like you are interested in it or someone else might be interested in it.

For example: @friendsname get this for me please !

@friendsname get this for @otherfriendsnames ,

@friendsname this is totally your style

Step 4

– Create an Instagram story, Live Video, Boomerang, and etc on Instagram

– All post should be videos only. NO pictures.

– Do not talk about retail visit or any link towards it.

– Talk like you are a customer.

– You can share about

Since 1957


Celebrities  Politicians

Designer Eyewear

For example: I can’t believe @celebrity’sname was here !

This is my favorite optical shop

The only optical shop I trust with my eyes

I love the vibe of the shop

Step 5

-#malayaoptical, #malayaopticaldamansarauptown, #malayaopticalsubangss15 #Malaysia

Step 6

– Enjoy and have fun. Have some light refreshments too. Our team will guide on the photo or video angles and shots too. Oh, don’t forget to let us review before you post it 🙂

Rewards For Club

[For Club ]

Gift Card worth RM100 x [ ? ] qty

-Every 10 participants = 50 Gift Cards

Designer Sunglasses/Spectacles worth from RM680/pair x [ ? ] qty

-Every 30 participants = 1 Designer Sunglasses / Frame

Rewards For Participants

[For Participants – Students that is attending Retail Visit]

Anti Fog Killer Cloth worth RM79.90 x  [ ? ] pax

Anti Fog | Eye Glasses | Cleaner

Color / Contact Contact Lenses 1 pair worth approximately RM100 x [ ? ] pax

Gift Card worth RM100 x [ ? ] pax

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Would your company be able to sponsor our club in terms of CASH?
Unfortunately, no. We only offer product and gift card sponsorship.
Very very special circumstances, we could sponsor up to RM500. However, your club has to propose something really beneficial to our company (We are only interested in anything digital or social media any other marketing collateral, we would not be interested)
Would you be able to increase your product or gift card sponsorship?
Yes. It’s always up to the performance.


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