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Soflens Multi-Focal

Soflens Multi-Focal

Soflens Multi-Focal(polymacon) visibility tinted contact lens is a soft hydrophilic contact lens that is a front surface asphere consisting of multiple aspheric zones with a spherical base curve. Soflens Multi-Focal lenses are a perfect choice for people who thought reading glasses meant the end of wearing contact lenses. With unique Natra-Sight Optics designed to provide broad transition for near, intermediate and far vision, Soflens Multifocal lenses offer crisp, clear vision at all distances. 


Water Content:38.6%
Manufacturing Method:Cast Mold
Base Curves:8.5 mm and 8.8 mm
Diameter:14.5 mm
Powers:+6.00D to -7.00D (0.25D steps)
Add Powers: Low (+0.75D to +1.50D) and High (+1.75D to +2.50D)
Center Thickness:0.05 mm to 0.50 mm
Visibility Tint:Light Blue
Design:Front surface aspheric, center-near

Soflens contacts are indicated for daily wear for the correction of refractive ametropia (myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism) and presbyopia. Soflens Multifocal contacts provide a wide range of available powers and adds. he patented edge design and deposit resistant material provides all day comfort. It also features a visibility tint for ease of handling.

Results from a clinical study show Soflens Multifocal contact lenses were patient-preferred 2 to 1 over a leading bifocal contact lens for overall visual quality. Wear on a daily basis and replace every two weeks.

Benefits & Features

  • Based on a daily wear plan, Soflens Multifocal can be worn up to 2 weeks.
  • Natra-Sight Optics technology provides broad transition for near, intermediate and far vision and supports sharp and clear vision at all distances.
  • Soflens Multi-Focal are easy to fit and easy to handle.
  • An inside-out indicator (B&L) and the visibility tint support easier handling.

Where to buy?
To purchase Soflens Multi-Focal, you can order online through shop.malayaoptical.com or if you just nearby Petaling Jaya area you can drop by to our shop at Malaya Optical Optometrist.