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Safety Eye Wear

WORKSafe eye glasses is a definition of design, comfort, and protection eye wear. It has been patterned to serve a high quality safety wear. At Malaya Optical we are powered by state-of-the-art design and ergonomics, with competent manufacturing partners.

worksafe eyewear
Worksafe eyewear

In addition to the internal quality control, all WORKSafe eyewear has strictly comply with standards test, and been approved by the First Class Quality test. Eyewear such as WORKSafe utilizes hard coated polycarbonate lenses with 99.9% UV protection with maximum scratch resistance and impact protection. Anti-Fog coating has been indicated in this model to enhance more clarity in vision.

Moreover, WORKSafe eye wear also do not failed to continuously focus on product performance and reflects the streamline testing method to harmonize with global standards to allow new and innovative designs to protect against hazards, meet end-users need and workplace regulations.

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Safety cleaning set for plastic, polycarb, and glass lenses. Safe and effective to use with all types of lens coatings. Contains Anti-fog and Anti-static formula. Ideal for Spectacles, Goggles, Face Shields, and Computer Screens as well.
Ingredients: Detergents, Anti-fog agents and Isopropyl Alcohol.

At Malaya Optical we as an eye care practitioner, will always revised on customer eye care to serve a high quality product (complies with ANSI/SEA Z87.1-2010 and SS473:2011 standards ) to meet all the requirements. The wearers will experience to use an approved prescription glasses which has gone through all the important changes, optical requirements, physical requirements, minimum lens thickness, markings, and safety qualifications.

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WORKSafe prescription eye wear model WSE171121 with complete standard fitting measurement
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WORKSAFE® SRX Steda E5170 Pearl Graphite, Clear Frame. Complies with ANSI/SEA Z87.1-2010 and SS473:2011 standards
Sworke Fusca with Hydrophilic open-cell padded browguard protects against perspiration.
Complies with ANSI/SEA Z87.1-2010 and SS473:2011 standards

E3050 prdt grey indoor outdoor angle

WORKSAFE® WIDER E3050 with side-way 3-stage extendable self-locking tri-flex frontal frame.
Complies with ANSI/SEA Z87.1-2010 and SS473:2011 standards
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WORKSAFE® SRX Arion E3056 comes with patented detachable side shields can be removed in two easy steps.
Complies with ANSI/SEA Z87.1-2010 and SS473:2011 standards

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