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Ortho K Therapy Procedure

Ortho k therapy procedure

Orthokeratology is a process of fitting gas permeable lens wear overnight. The lenses are wear during sleep and it will gently reshape the front surface of the cornea.

1. Briefing

  • Introduction About Ortho K
  • FAQ
  • Who is a suitable candidate? Not everyone is.
  • This is where we qualify if the patient is a suitable candidate base on their age, prescription, reason, health, and etc
  • Explanation of Ortho K procedure & fees schedule.


2. Consultation

  • 45 minutes
  • Binocular Refraction
  • Topography
  • Pupillary Size
  • Slit lamp examination ( eye health)
  • Patient and Parents compliance
  • Ortho K FAQ explanation in detail with both patient and parents.

Ortho K Consent Form

Ortho K Consent Form

Consultation Fee Schedule RM

Ortho K Malaysia Optometrist Pricing

3. Fitting

  • Empirical Fitting
  • Diagnostic Fitting
  • approximately 3 hours and best to come during school holidays
  • Deposit Fee RM


4. Dispensing

  • For 2 hours and up to 3 days, depending on the patient’s ability.  We determine if the patient is 100% compliance with hygiene, knowledge, fitting procedures,  cleaning and storing procedures.
  • Balance Fee RM
  • Go home

5. Follow Up Duration

  • 1st night after wear
  • 1st month
  • 3rd month
  • 6th month

Advantages of Ortho K

  • slow down the power increment of shortsightedness
  • eliminate the discomfort of glasses or contact lens during wear
  • convenient for those who plays sports and find glasses or contact lenses doesn’t suit their active lifestyle

Disadvantages of Ortho k 

  • Be prepared to allow for frequent follow ups ( 4 -10 visits in 3 – 6 months)
  • The cornea will revert back to the original shape if the retainer lens is not wear consistently
  • The degree of success is high however it cannot always be guaranteed
Ortho k in Damansara


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