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MYKITA Face Shields

Get Your DIY On! To support the global health emergency, MYKITA has prepared a range of Mykita do-it-yourself (DIY) protective face shields. Mykita face shied is easy to reproduce and practical for daily usage!

Mykita DIY protective eyeshield

Being one of the world top leading eyewear manufacturers, MYKITA from Berlin has consistently put the health and well-being of our global community as their top priority. Thus, as a practical commitment to current health initiatives, the do-it-yourself (DIY) Mykita face shields are about contributing pragmatic, transitory solutions in the absence of certified clinical supplies.

mykita covid 19 response

It is widely known that Covid-19 spreads primarily through droplets. NOSE, MOUTH AND EYES are most susceptible to transmission of Covid-19 and thus, it is utmost important to cover the front and sides of the head to limit the exposure to the droplets. MYKITA has come out with four (4) concepts of DIY protective face shields as temporary solution. Every concept needs an A4 clear plastic sheet and best is to be able to get overhead projector foil which can easily purchase online in bulk.

Mykita DIY protective faceshield: Cap

Mykita cap face shield

Click here to learn how to make a Cap faceshield

Mykita DIY protective faceshield: Shoelace

Mykita shoelace face shield

Click here to learn how to make a Shoelace faceshield.

Mykita DIY protective faceshield: Towel

Mykita towel face shield

Click here to learn how to make a Towel faceshield.

Mykita DIY protective faceshield: Advanced

Click here to learn how to make a Advanced faceshield.

Malaya Optical wish you much accomplishment with your development and it would be ideal if you share your result with us through our social accounts and Stay Protected!


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