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Regular eye test


A common question that usually strikes your mind is do eye sight is compulsory to get examined as one of your annual medical screening? if do you may thick about how much does an eye examination cost, how frequently should I have my eyes examined, what can I expect after completing my eye examination and what should I bring with me during the day?

At Malaya Optical, we as an optometrist are very concern about your questions to make sure we can serve you better to provide an optimum vision to full fill our mission as an eye care practitioner. First of all, frequency to get eye tested may divided into few categories as listed below:

Adults with eye prescription

Low eye power 1-2 years once
Medium eye power Anually
High eye power 3-6 months once

*please get your advice from the nearest eye care practitioners to confirmed your eye power and understand more about which category you fall in

Children with eye prescription

Low eye power Anually
Medium eye power 6 months once
High eye power 3-6 months once

*could be change according to current condition

People with special risks, such as diabetes, a previous eye trauma, surgery or a family history of glaucoma, may need an eye exam more frequently as your doctor advice.

People with symptoms of eye trouble should see an eye doctor right away.

Before you are planning to get your eye sight tested, please get a good rest and the best time suggested to get your eyes test is before your eyes get tired such during morning hours.

The cost of an eye screening may surprise you because it can be as low as FREE OF CHARGE! to reasonable price according to your eye condition. What are you waiting for, book your appointment at Malaya Optical and get your eyes tested before its late!


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