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Designer Spectacles Eyewear

Designer Spectacles Eyewear

Designer Spectacles

We travel worldwide to get the latest Designer Spectacles just for our clientele. These spectacles’ inspiration was driven by talents only crafted by the designers themselves. Each and every one of our glasses are meticulously inspected before we secure the distributorship at Malaya Optical.

As you know, these spectacles were made and designed through passion. In every pair of glasses is not only the physical appearance but also the passion of inspired designers. And within these designer spectacles are different luminosity, creativity and motion to see the world how they did.

Creating such unique pieces of designer eyewear starts from a single idea. This is then fueled by passion into a never-ending growing process, to create the integrity, unconventionality, courageousness, and intelligence you see in these glasses today.

Most designer spectacles are titanium which gives you an array of pros. For starts, a titanium frame is 48% lighter than a common nickel/silver frame eyewear. The lightness mixed with the high mechanic performance makes titanium the material with the best mechanical weight and strength ratio.

Titanium frames are famous for being light yet resistant. As it is 40% lighter than steel but still staying as resistant. While aluminum is 60% lighter than titanium frames, but titanium frames are two times more resistant. The two types of titanium, pure and beta, are characteristically totallyhypoallergenic, non-toxic and biocompatible materials.