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The Importance of eye dominance

In this article, we will explain on the importance of eye dominance in your daily life. The dominant eye may be defined as that eye which performs the major function of seeing, being assisted by the less dominant fellow eye. To state it differently, the two eyes do not affect the visual consciousness with equal force.

One eye leads the other, and this leading eye is called the dominant eye. Just as the two hands are unequal in response, both from a motor and from a sensory standpoint, so are the eyes. Just as a person may be right-handed or left-handed, so he may be right eyed or left eyed.

Knowing which eye is your dominant eye can help you perform better in a variety of activities. Here are just a few common examples of the importance of eye dominance that can improve your performance in sports, shooting and also photography.


Eye dominance plays as important role in playing golf

In some sports, being able to take full advantage of your dominant eye is crucial and requires positioning your head properly in order to do so. Golf and baseball are two examples of this.

In golf, turning your head to use your dominant eye is key in the proper alignment of every stroke, including putts, drives, and fairway shots.

In baseball, you need to turn your head enough to allow your dominant eye to clearly see the approaching ball’s position, rotation, and speed when you’re batting if you want to be able to hit it.


If you are right-handed but your dominant eye is your left eye, this cross-dominance can pose challenges for shooting accuracy.

Eye dominance has no particular medical significance, and it may make no difference in your life. It is, however, important for certain activities which require accurate aim. Archery and shooting are particularly problematic. Your dominant eye plays an important role in shooting and hitting moving targets. If you find that you’re having trouble hitting moving targets, you can benefit from a test to find your dominant eye.

Cross dominance, which is having a dominant eye on the opposite side of your dominant hand, can make shooting at a target difficult. Being aware of your cross dominance can help you adjust position and technique, and know which eye to fixate with to improve your accuracy.


Eye dominance photography

Knowing which of your eyes the dominant eye can help you set up a shot when looking through the viewfinder of a camera. By using your dominant eye, you get a more accurate preview of the shot and better alignment, while using your non-dominant eye can cause some details to be displaced.

By using your dominant eye to look through your camera’s viewfinder in photography, you can compose images better. In terms of great photographic compositions, it will give you an accurate preview of the shot you are taking.

Using your non-dominant eye can cause certain details to be slightly displaced or completely off the frame. Imagine trying to figure out natural frames or place important elements in the centre of the frame without full accuracy. Keep these photo composition tips in mind when you’re shooting next, especially if you’re planning to add natural lines or use the rule of thirds in your photos. It will also help you place points of interest more accurately.

Consult Optometrist

If you are serious about sports and are looking for guidance on how to best use your eyes to enhance sports performance, consider visiting an eye doctor who specializes in sports vision with us at Malaya Optical Optometrist.


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