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Computer Vision Syndrome

computer vision syndrome

Since the year of 2009, research indicates that computer use has taken the place of radio as the No. 2 media activity. The increased use of computers has reflected on the development of visual discomfort and related symptoms occurring in relation to computer use.

Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS refers to a complex of eye and vision problems experienced by computer users. Patients are usually complaints of eyestrain, ocular discomfort, headache, dry eye, blurring at near and double vision. Those who spend more than 4 h per day working on computer tasks experience much higher incidence, severity, and duration of computer-related symptoms. For presbyopic (“lao hua”) computer users, neck and back pain symptoms are a significant part of computer vision syndrome.

Why are we having Computer Vision Syndrome?

To understand this, we need to know that our eye is comprises of natural lens called crystalline lens. When we are looking at near, our crystalline lens is actually changes shape to become more curved for us to focus at near. In order to do so, our eye muscles need to exert extra forces to allow this change in the curvature of our crystalline lens. As a result of long hour’s computer usage, our eye muscles become more and more tired. Eventually, this eye muscle fatigue may cause us to have Computer Vision Syndrome.

How can we prevent or reduce this type of discomfort?

REMARK represents a logical expansion of Hoya’s single-vision programme.  A lens that is perfectly tuned to an intensive and dynamic lifestyle, allowing you to reach those customers who want more functional support than simply that offered by a standard single-vision lens. Additional power is added to the reading portion which provide user relaxed and natural visual in all directions. This extra support enables you to keep going for longer time without tired, irritated eyes and/or headaches. Furthermore, effortless focusing and refocusing at different distances can be achieved.

Another alternative lenses that are available is called Sola Access Lenses from Carl Zeiss. The SOLA Access lens design provides the wearer with clear vision over the full near vision range.  This means that the wearer will have the ability to read and view a keyboard clearly as well as look across their desk at a computer screen or person sitting across from them. Office workers who need to stay in front of computer for a long time will find this lens beneficial.

Spending more than 4 hours in front of computer? Wanted to know more about Computer Vision Syndrome? Make an appointment now Malaya Optical Damansara Uptown and Subang SS15. Our professional optometrist will be there to give you proper consultation and management.


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