Zeiss DriveSafe

Driving could be a stressful and visual demanding task. We tend to have more issues during:


Rainy days.


Low light condition.


Glares from oncoming cars.


Even when you wear glasses, sometimes it may still be difficult to counteract the problems.


With Drivesafe by Carl Zeiss, the following attributes are almost instant:


Almost immediate adaptation

There were less feeling of giddiness. Because these are freeform design lenses where the surface of the lenses are digitally customized, it gives you a better adaptation experience and sharpened vision.


Less glaring when driving at night

The street lamp or the brake light from vehicle in front of you tend to have a halo surrounding it. With DriveSafe lenses, the halo is much reduced and everything seems to be sharper with clearer edges. Everything is near HD!


Better contrast and colour saturation

I could feel that the red brake lights and the red colour from traffic light seems to be of a better colour saturation


Blue Protect that cuts of hazardous blue wavelength

Comparing to others, DriveSafe lenses have a slight yellow tint, but much lighter than what you see on lenses cutting away hazardous blue wavelength. It can reduce eye-problems pertaining to usage of electronic to mobile screens.


Come to Malaya Optical and get your Drivesafe lenses today!

Let's do our part

Following the Malaysian Governments’ announcement on the Movement Control Order for the Covid-19 situation, Malaya Optical will be closed from the 18th to the 31st of March 2020.

Our priority is the health and welfare of our customers as well as our staff. We thank you for your kind understanding and hope everyone will stay safe during this time.

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