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Undostrial Eyewear

UNDOSTRIAL designer glasses are now in store. Recommended for anyone with a deep appreciation for quality and creativity.

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UNDOSTRIAL, the name represents the company’s idea of challenging traditional industrial designs. UNDOSTRIAL originates from France, and each of their product is handmade in Paris.

The UNDOSTRIAL collection is split into 3 main lines of design: Suprematic, Undostill Full Rims, Undostill Nylon. Each line is designed and manufactured using different functional concepts and materials, so pick your poison.


Suprematic is a one piece, hingeless frame ; simplistic and functional by design. Made from chemically cut stainless steel, the arms can bent without the need for a hinge, which means less trips to the optometry for adjustments because of hinge issues!

Suprematic frames also utilize a unique to UNDOSTRIAL magnet mechanism placed inside the temples of the frames (zone between eye frame and arms of the glasses). This allows the arms to stay held closed to the wearer’s face, but at the same time is loose enough to feel comfortable just above the ears.

“Suprematic is entirely dismountable, and every part of the frame can be replaced if needed. The suprematic can also be fixed to any metallic support thanks to its magnet.” (UNDOSTRIAL, 2013)


Undostill Full Rims is a thin, 0.5 mm stainless steel frame. The frame itself has elastic properties due to steel shape memory. The frame uses a self locking system with it’s special Crossing Temple frame, which holds the frame tightly above the user’s ears.

UFR comes in 8 different designs and 12 colors for the exchangeable arms and BRUSH/BLACK colors for the metal eye frames.


Available in 22 DIFFERENT SHAPES from half frames to full frames (series 11 – 18), and 12 colors for removable/ exchangeable arms, allowing for customization. Whereas the eye frame is available in either brush (silver) or black.

The frame is held together via a uniquely designed Nylon string mechanism.

To have more information, please feel free to consult with our best optometrists in KL.