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Monoqool – Innovative Eyewear

Monoqool Eyewear Optical Shop Malaysia

Monoqool – Maker of innovative eyewear
It’s our DNA. To break new ground, use new technologies & materials. We are maker of innovative eyewear. All Monoqool  models are made from 3D printing.  3D printing eye wears are done in Denmark using advanced technology. Monoqool Eyewear has the DNA to break new ground and challenged the ways glasses normally are made thus they have a slogan – High Fashion Meets Technology.

At least 24 hours is spent to print each and every pair of Monoqool Eyewear. This super lightweight and flexible frame consist of more than 400 layers that magically transformed from white polyamide powder. Monoqool glasses are the lightest 3D printed eye wears in the world. The glasses are as light as feather and weight not more than 10 grams.  At last the frame will go through a complex coloring process and is finally hand polished for a premium finish.

Monoqool price

Monoqool – Pursuit the perfect pair of glasses.
Bringing the wearer ultimate comfort is top of our agenda. We make ultra thin frames which is very light in weight. Every glasses we made without screws and easy to adjust. Most importantly we want only happy customers who are statisfied with our products. The result is to create the most comfortable and light weight pair of glasses. A pleasure to wear day in and day out.

So basically, we are fans of Monoqool as well because of their creative designs and functionality. We are proud to let you know that we are carrying their latest design collection today at our stores. See you soon.

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