Hoya Single Vision Lens

3 type of Single Vision Lens Offered by Hoya

  1. Nulux
  2. Hilux

Nulux offers a wide range of single vision lenses that provides optimized visual performance and a natural image perception. Since most spectacles wearers are looking for a balance between performance and aesthetics, The nearest Hoya optometrist near me in Malaysia that designed flatter lens that is easy to clean, scratch resistance and robust.


There are 3 types of Nulux lens

  1. Hoya Nulux Classic
  2. Hoya Nulux EP
  3. Hoya Nulux V+


Hoya Nulux Classic  is the basic Hoya Malaysia aspheric single vision design lens.  It caters for low to moderate prescriptions and has a great vision in all directions of sight. Nevertheless  Hoya Petaling Jaya Nulux Classic lens is flatter, lighter and thinner with minimal magnification or minification effect.


Hoya Nulux EP are carefully designed utillising cutting edge technology to be significantly thinner, flatter and lighter than regular lenses