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Julbo Malaysia

Julbo is founded by Jules Baud. He started his business designing optical eyewear with one idea in mind: innovation. 

In the early 20th century, he designed the first Cristalliers sunglasses, marking the start of Julbo’s optical sun protection story.

J revolutionized the market with the introduction of the “Vermont”. Hence, mountaineers could now ascend summits with proper eye protection. These glacier sunglasses marked the start of climbing’s glory years, as mountaineers set out to conquer the highest peaks in the world. Adopted by rock stars as well as climbers, they soon became a collector’s item.

J went much further than simply naming its products after famous summits such as Everest, Makalu and Annapurna. it developed and tested them by taking them up the 8000 ers including Everest, Makalu, K2, Gasherbrum ii, Broad Peak and Nanga Parbat on the face of its technical adviser, yannick Seigneur.

In the mountains the focus was still on performance, particularly with the exploits of Christophe Lafaille. Having established itself as a benchmark brand for sun protection in extreme environments, J expanded its expertise to other worlds and other countries. The company launched Nautic, with Franck Cammas who joined the team in 1998.

In this multisport era, J attacked all fronts and all the elements. It supported Mike Horn on his incredible epic journeys around the world. On track and trail, following the explosion of outdoor sports such as trail running and mountain biking, if it was moving Julbo was there, with products perfectly adapted to each sport.

125 years fly by when your head is always full of ideas and dreams. Drawing inspiration from its heritage, J wants to be known for its outdoor spirit in the eyewear market. J release new ranges and new products but always with that same taste for adventure and freedom that allows everyone to see the world even better.

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