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Sponsorship Club – Facebook

Sponsorship Club – Facebook

[ Performance-Based Sponsorship – Facebook ]

– Please create a Whatsapp Group at +60173613715 and make me the Admin

[SPONSOR] MO University Chess Club

eg [SPONSOR] MO UM Chess

– Screenshot of our Instagram Page before you start

Step 1 – Sent us a screenshot of the review count.

Step 2– Follow us on Facebook

Step 3– Post recommendation on Malaya Optical’s Facebook page. Talk about only positive things. Do NOT mention about sponsorship or any of that kind. Mention things like how it has been establish since 1957, professional, friendly optometrist and etc. Do make the reviews long 😊.

Step 4 – Prove to us by sending us a screenshot of the reviews count.

Step 5– We review your performance.

Once a Whatsapp Group chat has been created, I will sent a video tutorial on how to do the Facebook review.

New Gift Card 300x196 300x196

For each 10 reviews = Rm100 Gift card x 1

RYAN ADDA Designer Eyewear 225x300

For each 100 reviews = 1 pair of designer frames worth RM680


Would your company be able to sponsor our club in terms of CASH?

No. We only offer product and gift card sponsorship.Very very special circumstances, we could sponsor up to RM500. However, your club has to propose something really beneficial to our company (We are only interested in anything digital or social media any other marketing collateral, we would not be interested)Would you be able to increase your product or gift card sponsorship?Yes. It’s always up to the performance.

When does the Performance-Based Sponsorship start?

After creating your Whatsapp group chat, you must wait for us to approve your sponsorship duration period. Afterwards, you have to sent us a screenshot of the follower count and then you officially start.

How long is the sponsorship?

We give you 7 days to complete the sponsorship requirements. Starting from when you sent the screenshot to us.

Do you need a before and after screenshot?

Yes, we need a before and after screenshot of the follower count to proceed with the sponsorship.