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Rodentstock offer lenses with many function to improve visual clarity and performance.


They have 3 types of transitions with 6 different tones, from dark to light.


Mirror-coated sun-lenses are avaliable too, with up to 6 colors to choose from:

  1. Smokey grey
  2. Silver moon
  3. Titanium mirror
  4. Viola mirror
  5. Bronze mirror
  6. Blue mirror


Their lens technology includes:

  1. Scratch resistance
  2. UV filter
  3. Blue filter
  4. AR filter
  5. Heat resistance
  6. Oleo-phobic
  7. Hydro-phobic


Their multifocals provide 40% better reading with custom-made geometric inserts. ImpressionRange:

  1. Impression Freesign 3
  2. Impression 2
  3. Impression Hyperop
  4. Impression Myop
  5. Impression Fashion Curved 2
  6. Impression Ergo FreeSign 2
  7. Impression Ergo 2
  8. Impression Mono 2
  9. Imression Mono Plus 2


Wider reading zone with the Rodenstock range. Multifocal Range:

  1. Multigressiv MyView 2
  2. Multigressiv Ergo 2
  3. Multigressiv Mono 2
  4. Multigressiv Mono Plus 2
  5. Progressiv PureLife Free 2
  6. Progressiv PureLife
  7. Progressiv Ergo


By choosing the Rodenstock brand, you have chosen quality, tradition, and security. There are many years of research knowledge and revolutionary technologies in our innovative products. The highest level of craftsmanship, precision grinding, exquisite materials and innovative lens coatings are the basis upon which you can rely.

Enjoy your Rodenstock lenses. Come to Malaya Optical and let us craft it for you!


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